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My daughter Betsy and I often have heated conversations on politics.  We see things differently. She is very bright and very well read so I give her the respect that she is due, even if I happen to disagree.  She can back up her views with facts, which is more than I can say about a lot of other people I know.

To Betsy, “social issues” such as gay rights and abortion are the most important things.  I disagree.  I believe that fiscal policy and foreign policy are far more important.    She is passionately liberal – especially on social issues.  My view is that the government has no business legislating things like abortion or gay rights.  At best, those issues should be left up to the individuals or the states.   There are far more important topics to be addressed in the upcoming Presidential Election.  We are faced with the terrifying prospect of an all-out war between Israel and Iran.  We are faced with tax and spending issues that threaten to bankrupt our nation.  Those are the issues that should decide who we vote for.  But that’s just my opinion and she is entitled to hers.

Betsy, like so many people I know, is influenced (brainwashed) by the mainstream media (MSM).  I am not.  My primary source of information has been the Internet for over a decade.  She thinks that most of the information that originates on the Internet is nothing but gross exaggerations, mis-representations and outright lies.  Yes, there is a lot of mis-information lurking on the Internet, but I pride myself in taking the time to find legitimate sources, those who present information that you won’t find on the MSM, those who present a much more honest picture of things as they are than anything she gets from any of her favorite sources.   So, we disagree.  We still love each other and are usually civil, usually.

I have vivid memories, as a teenager, of my father showing me articles from the newspaper (to prove a point) and he was absolutely certain that if it was in the paper it was true!  Even at a young age I knew that was ridiculous.

Most people believe that “only the Republicans or only the Democrats can solve our problems.”  I say neither party is worth a damn and neither will solve the problems.  That viewpoint is guaranteed not to make friends and influence people.  Personally, I don’t give a damn!  I’m not trying to win a popularity contest.  I have my views and can back them up with irrefutable data.  My friend Bill Holter is always writing that it is a “mathematical certainty” that our problems are beyond fixing, and he is correct!  I know I’m right too – but I wish I wasn’t.  People don’t want to hear the truth – if it is unpleasant.  I am a realist but just because I warn people how ominous the future is I am called a pessimist.  Where do you think the saying “kill the messenger” comes from?

I rarely publish articles that are political or social.  I stick to finances, mostly those that focus on gold and silver.  Well, the article I am featuring today is a discussion of many of these issues Betsy and I hash out, and I urge you to read every last word of it.  It‘s an interview with Doug Casey titled On The Fourth Estate.  Doug is not only very successful, he is a brilliant thinker.  I like him and I respect him.  Check this article out, it is really good!   I found it hard to disagree with anything he said.  (Of course, I sent Casey’s article to Betsy – and to my tormentor and good friend Backwoods Jack, who is glued to the TV soaking up every word that Romney and Ryan have to say.  I will vote Republican – another in a long line of elections where I vote for “the lesser of two evils.”  Backwoods refuses to believe me when I tell him it doesn’t make any difference because neither party has a plan to fix the problems, and anyways, they are long past the point of fixing.  I know Bill Holter would agree!)