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This has been a very intense – but productive – week on many fronts.  Several important developments emerged in the Precious Metals world, and the European “Whatever it Takes” honeymoon appears to be ending – just in time for October, the historical nemesis of GLOBAL financial markets.

Moreover, this October ushers in the home-stretch for an historic U.S. presidential election.  Not so much that it matters one whit who wins, but for the historic negativity surrounding the campaigns, and dire outlook for the post-election economy.

I believe the next President will reside over the last “mainstream” administration of our lifetimes – perhaps, not even for four years – as the upcoming fiat currency COLLAPSE is likely to eradicate many of the democratic political processes – and citizens’ civil rights – we have taken for granted for two centuries.  No one wants to see things collapse “on their watch”; but sadly, said watch appears certain to STOP between 2013 and 2016.

Given the moribund introduction, you probably think I’m writing of the increased government intrusion I anticipate in coming years.  However, I’m speaking of a very different kind of “POLITICAL HARASSMENT”; the type EVERY American reading this RANT is experiencing EVERY day.

That – of course – would be the suffocating campaign calls that start early in the day, and continue late into the evening; even on weekends.  Sometimes such calls are routed through “private numbers,” and sometimes anonymous numbers from around the country; while sometimes, caller ID simply displays gibberish.

Occasionally the calls are manned by live people; but more often, lengthy, annoying recordings that take minutes to get through before erasing.  Worse yet, sometimes automated (“algorithm”) calls are programmed to continue dialing when you initially hang up.  They don’t even care what party you’re affiliated with, as die-hard Republicans are forced to listen to Obama calls, and vice-versa.  Frankly, it’s gotten so bad, my wife and I no longer pickup ANY calls we don’t recognize.

The last I looked, we had a thing called the “don’t call list”; which apparently, political calls are immune from.  In my view, this blatant disregard of citizens’ rights is par for the course in America, which each day moves closer to becoming a totalitarian state…

30 Examples of Why America Is No Longer a Free Country

When the END GAME of currency COLLAPSE fosters in a new era of draconian government – both in the U.S. and overseas – we’ll long for the days when such petty annoyances were worth caring about.  That is why you MUST…


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