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Bix Weir wrote the following yesterday:

I sat down with Kerry Lutz for an interview yesterday where we talked a bit about BitCoin, Bart Chilton, the CFTC, the New $100 Bill, the Grid Shutdown and more!


On a side note: You can mark my words on the following statement:

“Bitcoin will continue to rise erratically and exponentially until Gold and Silver Manipulation ENDS!” – Bix Weir

Once the rigging does end Bitcoin will suffer a violent crash.

What a wild ride!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

 Bix Weir


PS – Please don’t ask me to explain Bitcoin to you. I’m a novice and have learned the basics…just enough to stick my toe in. Part of the Bitcoin investment process is to do your own research and analysis. It’s an important part and only YOU can claim responsibility for this adventure. My advice….Google “bitcoin” and start from there.

PPS – In the end Bitcoin will go to $0 but before it does YOU will probably be deeply involved with it at some point as the fiat monetary system crashes. It is an excellent “transition currency” and the ONLY thing that can kill bitcoin now is a return to a physical gold/silver standard.  YAY!!

PPPS – I have lowered by Private Road Bitcoin subscription rate to 0.25 Bitcoins because the price has zoomed past $400/coin…AND YOU STILL GET A FREE SILVER ROOTA COIN WITH EVERY SUBSCRIPTION!

Roadtoroota.com, November 14, 2013

What I take from this is not that Bitcoin is going vertical – the reason that Bitcoin is popular is because an increasing number of people have decided to leave the system, at least with part of their wealth.  Of course, there are also those who are chasing profit, but the bottom line is “Bitcoin” could not have gained traction without a “need” to get outside of the system.

We address that with gold and silver and with offshore investing, but it’s all a response to the same problem.

Even though we try NOT to write about politics, there are some things going on that have nothing to do with Liberal or Conservative or Republican or Democrat views.  What ever happened to the Constitution?  Doesn’t it matter anymore?

I had a long conversation with a friend of mine, a brilliant and very well-read New York attorney and he pointed something out to me that I had not thought about – and it goes well with Holter’s essay.

Did you know that the President is NOT the Commander in Chief?  According to the Constitution, the President only becomes the Commander in Chief of the military if Congress declares war.

Since FDR, no President has legally been the Commander in Chief, (according to our Constitution, since Congress has not declared we are at war since WW2) though they all have said they are.  It’s so screwed up… Jefferson and Adams are turning over in their graves.

But who can blame Americans for not knowing this?  It is not taught in school and the press never goes there.  We have strayed far away from the framework that our founding fathers gave us to keep our freedoms.  And no one cares.

Onto another topic, one that I wish I didn’t have to address.  Earlier this week, one of our staff members wrote a very unflattering essay directed primarily at Jordan Roy-Byrne and we published it in our daily.  Well, I am ashamed that it got by our editors.  It was wrong and inappropriate.  We don’t have to agree with what others say, but we do have to respect their right to see things in a different way than we do.  We are not Gods and all we have are opinions.  We also have to show more respect than this article does to others who write in our industry.  We are above something like this, or should be.

I sent a sincere apology to Jordan and he graciously accepted it.  But I am not satisfied with that.  I want to publically apologize for what was written and take full responsibility for the article myself.  As our last great president said, “The buck stops here.”