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I may be on vacation, but NOTHING can take away my passion, angst, or desire to lead where others won’t.

To wit, in recent months, I have grown increasingly confident in the “Precious Metal community”; which, in terms of size, intelligence, and communication skills appears to have grown exponentially.  Not just in the States, but the world round.  However, watching it react to a simple, run-of-the-mill, Cartel-orchestrated attack irritates me to no end – as yet again, the misinformation; fear mongering; and in many cases, stupidity is awe-inspiring, after all we have been through.

Yes, I get it – we all live in fear of the “next big smash,” given how much pain the Cartel has inflicted in recent years.  However, to ignore PMs’ ragingly positive fundamentals – in markets that bottomed overseas 12-18 months ago, and six months ago here in the States – is utterly unfathomable.  I mean, we’re watching the entire global economy collapse; taking its monetary system and social orders with it; and people still worry that the “COTs” portend some kind of gigantic Precious Metals crash, despite years of evidence to the contrary.  Let alone, those holding physical gold and silver (as opposed to “paper PM proxies”), which have never been so scarce relative to demand, production, sentiment, and money printing.

As I write Monday afternoon, it couldn’t be clearer that the PPT-orchestrated “biggest short squeeze ever” has decidedly ended for commodities – which, led by crude oil, the world’s largest revenue generator – are back in freefall mode.  The stock PPT hasn’t fully given up the ghost yet; but then again, it is entirely possible to hyper-inflate worthless paper equities; as opposed to intrinsically-valued commodities, which are in the early stages of what may be history’s greatest “hyper-deflation.”

To that end, just look at today’s horrific U.S. factory orders number if you don’t believe me.  I mean, we couldn’t be in more of a Depression if we tried; and thus, it’s just a matter of time before even the BLS is forced to admit it.  And if anyone is actually still listening to government propaganda puppets central bankers like the Boston Fed’s Eric Rosengren – who today lied opined that “rates could rise faster than Wall Street anticipates,” SHAME ON YOU!

And double shame if you rely on people using obviously flawed “logic” as marketing tools – like those who profess “deflation” is bad for gold; or that “technicals”; “cycles”; “sentiment”; or the COTs”determine PM prices – as opposed to the reality of fundamentals and manipulation.  And if one more blogger professes how “right” Bo Polny has been, when for the past two years he has predicted imminent gold explosions, I’m going to vomit.  To wit, this is what he predicted on September 7th, 2014, in this article.

So, will Gold head to $2,000 next? YES. Will Gold ever see $1,180 or lower? Absolutely NOT! Will Gold make $2000 this year? After 3-years of price suppression (manipulation) $2,000 is mathematically possible with a Spike.  Spike or no Spike, the Gold cycle as forecasted in the May 2014 Interview is almost COMPLETE- all that is still missing is $2,000 Gold, either this year of by mid-2015 latest. Out of courtesy to my subscribers, Time Points are exclusive to subscribers.”

To which I can only add, thank god I’m not a subscriber.  And just to drive the point home, how about this one, from this article on July 1st, 2015?

“Gold’s 11/5/2014 low at $1,130 marks THE low, and the 6/5/2015 low at $1,162 (exactly 7-months later) marks the final higher low.” 

Hey, you’re welcome to listen to the “advice” of Bo Polny or any Johnny-Come-Lately in the financial world.  However, if you think the end game of history’s largest, most destructive Ponzi scheme will be catalyzed by existential factors like cycles, charts, or any other type of “proprietary” knowledge, you are whistling past the graveyard –  particularly, when such “wisdom” is espoused by those charging money for their “expertise” – or offering “something for nothing,” like “Tulving, Bullion Direct, or the Northwest Territorial Mint.”  And if you own “paper PM proxies” – as opposed to actual, physical metal – and don’t realize “the powers that be” can, and will, do everything in their power to destroy them, you need to rethink what gold and silver are, and why you own them.

To that end, I am issuing a desperate call for the aforementioned “forces of good” – and right – to coalesce anew; as clearly, the “powers that be’s” latest, greatest manipulative effort to subvert “Economic Mother Nature” is failing.  No, dollar-priced gold falling from $1,280 to $1,215 is not the end of the world; nor silver from $16.20 to $14.95; as in doing so, all the Cartel has “accomplished” is further growth of physical demand; declines in already razor-thin above-ground inventories; and damage to a mining industry already on the cusp of the abyss.

In other words, more than ever, it is time to utilize everything you have learned throughout your financial life – and observed in the “final monetary war” – to make decisions that may well define not just your own financial future, but those of your descendants.  And in my view, one of the best means possible is to simply listen to the proceedings of Miles Franklin’s “Q&A Rap Sessions” – featuring myself and the firm’s President and Co-Founder, Andy Schectman; who after 27 years in the business, knows as much about the retail bullion industry as I do about the gold and silver markets.  And by the way, he’s as strong of a communicator as any in our industry – an industry, I might add, sorely lacking in such leadership in the first place.

To that end, the first three of our FREE sessions (including dinner!) in Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix, were wildly successful events, in which dozens of  questions about Precious Metals, financial markets, and the retail bullion industry were answered – as plainly, honestly, and free from “marketing” as possible.  Each lasted well over three hours, featuring roughly 150 like-minded, truth seeking individuals – who I assure you, are happy they attended.  And no, aside from the concept of Precious Metals, Andy and I did not try to “sell” them anything – other than the fact that, in a 100% unregulated business (other than our home state of Minnesota), you “get what you pay for.”

Given the unfolding political, economic, and social chaos the world round – amidst an environment of surging, record-high gold and silver demand, the time has never been more urgent to seek financial TRUTH – let alone, with Cartel-suppressed prices still at such ridiculous, uneconomic levels.  Which is why we would love to see you at our upcoming events on April 21st in Ft. Lauderdale – hosted by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network; May 20th in Houston – hosted by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends; and June 24th in Chicago. All of which are FREE, with no strings attached.

Moreover, if you cannot attend these meetings, the April 21st event will be broadcast throughout the world, via a live, interactive webcast.  In other words, you can listen to the entire 3-4 hour proceedings for FREE – and type in whatever questions you have on your keyboard, which we promise to answer by the time the night is through; or our voices are shot – at which point, we’ll simply answer them shortly thereafter.  Then again, my job is to answer such questions each day ([email protected]); as is Andy Schectman’s ([email protected]), and the entire Miles Franklin teams’ ([email protected]). As for the Precious Metals community at large, we plead with you to now, at the time when we are needed most, to coalesce around events such as this – in which pure, unadulterated TRUTH will be disseminated, to a world desperately seeking it!