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If you read my last article about the Great Gold Silver Swap of 2018 I promised I would tell you about a special kind of tax saving strategy for gold and silver investors after I recovered from my hangover caused by copious amounts vodka from the blonde Czech girls.

I’ve finally arrived in the countryside and recovered so here we go….

I never much like doing what the crowd does.

Typically I find myself setting the trends more often than following them.

I’m serious. Not bragging. Just stating a fact.

Ok. I’ll stipulate.

Maybe I’m not a trend setter.

Maybe I’m just an early trend spotter and adapter.

I’ll wear some kind of clothing or clothing combination, get a lot of grief for it from my friends and then three years later I’ll see everyone wearing it.

I’ll go deep into a health issue, like blue light, my friends will ask if I wear a tinfoil hat. Of course, a couple years later, the dangers of blue light from your computer and iphone screens is now a major health problem.

I was annoying my friends with so many Facebook posts well in advance of silver’s last run to $50 and Bitcoins blast off from the single digits to $20k.

Now I’m not always right.

For instance, my belief in keeping Sea Monkeys as pets becoming a trend again hasn’t quite materialized yet.

But guess what happens when my “tin foil hat tendencies” (Their words not mine) become trends and the crowd starts doing it?


All my friends start blowing my phone up with questions about how to do the tin foil thing I told them about three years ago.

So what am I telling them to do now?

Lot’s of things.

What am I telling them to do that is relevant to precious metals and this newsletter?

Take control of their IRA’s.

Add some self direction.


What Hunter!?!?

You can add gold and silver to your IRA?

Yes you can smart reader. But it requires you set up a special kind of IRA.

No big deal though. The Miles Franklin Precious Metals team can easily help you do this. They can also show you how to do the Great Gold Silver Swap inside of your IRA. Call them up at 1-800-822-8080 and tell them Hunter says to get a self directed precious metals IRA.

Why do you want a self directed precious metals IRA?

A precious metals IRA allows you to buy certain kinds of physical gold and silver bullion using the tax benefits of a traditional IRA. In a traditional IRA or 401K you can only add gold or silver in the form of ETFs like GLD or SLV. If you set up a precious metals IRA, you can add any gold coins over .995 fine. Think Gold Eagles. In addition to gold, you can also add silver bars and coins like American Silver Eagles.

By putting gold and silver bullion into a precious metals self directed IRA, you’re getting a few benefits:

*Avoid capital gains taxes when you got to sell your gold and silver
*Protect your precious metals from creditors if you go bankrupt or face a lawsuit
*Possible protection from windfall profit taxes or government nationalization of traditional IRA’s
*Taking possession or transferring your precious metals tax free
*Privacy. Precious metals IRA custodians don’t have to disclose exactly what is in your self directed IRA and they can value your account based on the spot price of the gold and silver while ignoring any premiums

How do you get started setting up your self directed precious metals IRA?

Like I said, call up Miles Franklin and they will walk you step by step through the process which is actually pretty simple. So simple in fact that you can also set up your precious metals IRA online on your own. You can start the process at the Miles Franklin precious metals self directed IRA page here.

One more thing, if you already have an existing IRA, you will probably be able to do a rollover or move funds to your new precious metals IRA so don’t let that stop you from getting into it soon.

By the way, the hat I wore while writing this recommendation was made of gold and silver, not tinfoil.

I can’t believe it’s already September.

It will be cold in the Midwest soon.

Almost time to head to San Juan. I think this year I may also spend a few months in Buenos Aires as there is a bit of a financial crisis going on there and the dollar is super strong due to their peso inflating.

Argentinians have been through financial storms before and smart Argentinians also know what else remains strong in a major financial crisis.

I bet you, smart reader, know the answer as well.

Time to think about adding some to your IRA before the storm is over your head.

Hunter Riley III
Door County, WI
September 2018

PS…After you call up Miles Franklin to get a precious metals IRA started, check out my website and get $10 in free Bitcoin at www.StackSilverGetGoldBuyBitcoin.com