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I do my best to look and feel young, particularly at heart.  However, I feel decidedly “uncool” when I fail to keep up with modern lingo, as silly as it might sound.  Just recently, I came across the term “prepping,” with a “prepper” being one that engages in such activity.  That is, one who prepares for economic calamity by “stacking” PHYSICAL gold and silver coins, and otherwise building a “stash” of items that might be in short supply – and/or available at hyper-inflated prices – when the imminent, GLOBAL currency collapse arrives.  Actually, “prepping” goes far beyond basics like food storage and REAL MONEY accumulation, extending to any action preparing you for such events.

Regarding food storage, there are numerous strategies, but my top recommendation is to purchase five gallon buckets  -at Home Depot or Lowe’s, unless you want to spring for more expensive “FDA approved” buckets online – at websites such as www.freckleface.com.  More important than the buckets, however, are the “GAMMA SEAL LIDS” that cover them – also available at Freckle Face and other websites, at a cost of roughly $4.00 apiece.  These lids provide an airtight seal, enabling long-term storage of rice, flour, pasta, and grains.

Some prefer freeze-dried or other types of prepared “rations,” available at www.mredepot.com, www.honeyvillegrain.com, www.emergencysupplydepot.com, and numerous other websites.  Whether you want meat, dairy, vegetables, or desserts, you can find whatever suits your needs in this manner.

Again, “prepping” is not just about trading in scrip for REAL MONEY and stocking up on food.  Numerous other items should be considered, along the lines of Thursday’s RANT, “WANT VS NEED.”  In other words, anything you NEED will be difficult to procure during hyperinflation, and if so, at astronomic prices.  Obvious ITEMS OF REAL VALUE are gasoline, batteries, and toilet paper, but countless others – normally taken for granted  – will be invaluable as well.

Next up, consider methods of PHYSICAL PROTECTION.  Dire economic scenarios are conducive to social unrest and citizen militias, both of which could pose severe dangers to you and your families.  Guns and other weapons are highly recommended – with PLENTY of ammunition – and for those wary of taking such a step, you can always buy a simple, non-lethal TASER at www.taser.com.

Additionally, one must consider services such as electricity and water supply, which could be disrupted or cancelled in extreme situations, or – alternatively – priced into the stratosphere.  Home generators enable your house to generate its own electricity – and Solar Panels to do it more cheaply – while Large Water Storage Tanks can alleviate your most basic human need.  However, for most, simply stockpiling water will be your best option.  The NIA did an excellent, five-minute video on this topic in 2010, a MUST WATCH for all readers of this RANT.

Empty Store Shelves Coming to America soon!
Unfortunately, 99% of the population will not even consider such a scenario, much less act.  For those in the 1%, think LONG and HARD of what a hyperinflationary world might look like, and what you might do to “prep” for such an event.