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I own a lot of physical silver.  I have been accumulating it for nearly a decade.  I now store all of my silver in a segregated and insured account with Dakota Depository.  I know of no one with a more secure storage facility – and I trust them.  If you own a little silver, storage is not a problem.  If you own a lot of silver then storage can be a problem.  I trust Dakota Depository to hold all of my precious metals.  My son Andy stores all of his gold and silver with them too.  If you would like to know more about their storage program, ask any of our brokers for information by calling


I have been super-bullish on silver this year.  The silver market is very volatile and has earned the nickname “the mule.”  Silver does not behave in a predictable fashion.  It often disappoints.  But if you have the patience and mindset to ride the ups and downs, it will reward you handsomely.

Short-term, the silver market is controlled by JPMorgan and HSBC banks.  They have been heavily “short” silver ever since I started buying it.  You recently witnessed their “drive by shooting” of the silver market, smashing the price down from $50 an ounce to the low $30s.  The mugging took place in broad daylight, right in front of the CFTC and they allowed the bullion banks to run ruff-shod over the paper silver market on the COMEX without any restraint.  If you do not understand the reasons and mechanisms involved, you probably fled the silver market or are afraid to enter into it.  Big mistake!  As long as you own physical silver, paid for and not leveraged, you will come out on top.  In fact, the Cartel has just presented you with an opportunity to buy silver at a big discount.  You should thank them.  I urge you again, do not own paper silver – no SLV!!!  Buy coins or bars and take delivery.  That is how you win this game.

Many of our readers read my opening comments and then get to the rest of the daily – if they have time.  Well, may I suggest that today, you make the time -read the first two articles on silver by Ted Butler and Eric Sprott.  There is everything you must know about silver right here, in two short articles.  They explain the manipulation, and give you ample reason to be excited over the long-term prospects of silver.  The short of it is YES; silver is still in a bull market!

Also, I suggest that you take the time to read Bob Chapman and Jim Willie’s comments too.  Sometimes, the information I have chosen to present to you is over-the-top interesting and today is one of those days.  After a four-day vacation, I wanted to present you with some really good stuff – and it is here for you to read.  Trust me; read it all and I promise it will help clarify the events that are taking place in the metals market and economy.  These really are interesting times – confusing to most, but hopefully not to the readers of the Miles Franklin Daily.

David Schectman
Miles Franklin