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After watching this appalling video, I am more disturbed about America’s direction than EVER before.  That is quite a statement to make, given that each day I report on widespread societal corruption, sociopathy, and depravity, as well as the government’s destruction of the business I spent two decades toiling in.  Thankfully, I found one of the few positions capitalizing on such intervention, but for the great majority of American society – and the Western world, as a whole – such is not the case.


This video is a five-minute interview with Jack Chambless, an economics professor at Valencia College in Florida.  I have not heard of Valencia College, but my sense is the opinions expressed are representative of its youth as a whole, particularly the key 18-24 age group responsible for America’s near-term direction.

Professor Chambless, wasting away teaching a bunch of zombies when he could be using his intellect productively, asked 180 students to write essays about “the American Dream,” and subsequently the role they expect government to play in it.

Of this not-so-small sample, just 10% espoused the type of opinions my readers would give – or Ron Paul, for that matter – that government should mind its own business, letting “economic survival of the fittest” play out.  Conversely, a whopping 80% said government should fund the American dream, opining it should not only pay for healthcare, college tuition, and housing, but dispense jobs!  The most common answer to the question of how to fund such entitlements was “tax other people,” a self-defeating concept that few understood, and the most alarming response, below:

“As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”

Yes, this disgusting statement was written by a 19 year old, living in the most advanced culture in U.S. history and privileged enough to attend college.  It terrifies me to even glance at it, as given the results mentioned above I’d guess these sentiments were shared by much of the student population, and by inference America as a whole.  And don’t forget Europe, which has a higher proportion of its population living “on the dole” than America’s 44%, which by the way was just 29% in the 1980s.

Chambless attributed this society-killing mindset to the poor state of its education system, plus a growing sense that America is a “Welfare Society” due to non-stop “bailouts” by vote-seeking politicians, armed with unlimited MONEY PRINTING privileges by the Federal Reserve.  I believe these two issues are one and the same, as the GOVERNMENT spreads anti-entrepreneurial, pro-socialist PROPAGANDA via the amorphous “Department of Education” (sounds Orwellian, doesn’t it), and funds an increasing proportion of healthcare, college tuition, and housing costs each year.

Of course, such entitlements come at the heavy cost of financial servitude and lack of upward mobility for the rest of one’s life.  Not much of a price for brainwashed, unmotivated zombies such as Chambless’ students, but by giving them fish instead of teaching them how to fish, the hordes of useless masses will endanger not only themselves, but the few remaining hard-working, self-sufficient Americans.  GOVERNMENT promises of a “free lunch” have fully lobotomized America in less than two decades, ensuring decimation when the fatal flaws of unfunded socialism are shortly exposed, if HYPERINFLATION doesn’t destroy it first.

Ayn Rand’s nightmare is rapidly emerging in America, where “freedom fighters” like us seek to prevent societal implosion by preaching common sense.  Unfortunately – as in Atlas Shrugged – we will miserably fail due to the unstoppable momentum of apathy, dependence, and fear.  Weakened moral values are the first visible symptom of this terminal disease, followed by collapsing economic productivity and soaring debt – see Greece.

This same path to destruction has occurred in every fiat-based economy throughout history, always ending in tears.  America’s loss of critical industry over the past decade, and commandeering of government by sociopathic bankers, has left it defenseless, with only the dollar’s “reserve currency” status preventing us from sharing Greece’s fate today.  Unfortunately, the fiat disease is rapidly spreading through America’s body like the Ebola virus, shortly to be killed off by hyperinflation.

By far, this RANT has engendered more negative emotion than any I’ve ever written, so thankfully it has come to its end.

PROTECT YOURSELF – from this – and do it NOW!