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At the top of each RANT – and David Schectman’s Miles Franklin Daily Gold & Silver Summary – the following blurb appears, which I want to explain further.

Book Private Meetings and Events

Miles Franklin seeks creative ways to partner with its clients to market Precious Metals to nationwide audiences.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Webinar presentation with Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin, and “Ranting Andy” Hoffman, Director of Marketing, please inquire via email to [email protected] or [email protected], or via telephone at 800-822-8080.

The concept is simple; EXPOSURE of Precious Metals to as many people as possible – via both traditional and non-traditional means – to boost our firm’s market share.  Andy Schectman – Miles Franklin’s President – and I are happy to travel under certain circumstances, but in most cases find it more efficient to communicate via telephone, Skype, or the internet.

We seek to perform online Webinars to large groups, featuring myself, Andy Schectman, and other Miles Franklin brokers in certain situations.  In this format, participants can watch, listen, and type questions in real-time.  There are ZERO costs involved, ZERO obligations, and ZERO follow-up communications, so do not ignore this opportunity on grounds of fear that you will be harassed.  On February 13th, we performed our first such Webinar, and to date have received 1,650 view on the Miles Franklin YouTube Channel, one of the numerous forums it has been posted on.

Precious Metals Investing-Myths & Realities – You Tube

We are offering an opportunity for readers – clients or otherwise – to participate in Miles Franklin’s growth by sponsoring such Webinars.  All we require of you is to bring participants to such webinars, and we will take care of the rest.  When the Webinar is completed, if any of the participants become new clients of Miles Franklin and purchase bullion from us, we will share a stipulated portion of the related commissions.

Andy and I are happy to make such presentations, and are quite flexible regarding content.  The above Webinar was a pre-scripted Power Point presentation, but we’d be happy to simply answer participant’s questions for an hour, if you’d so desire.  Or, frankly, to discuss any topic in the Precious Metals realm you have interest in.  We are trying to be both creative and efficient in the firm’s marketing, and would love to partner with our readership base in the above effort – as well as any other mechanisms we can think of.

Thanks in advance from the entire Miles Franklin team!