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Hope springs eternal, but PROPAGANDA’s lifespan depends on how long the “House of Cards” foundation it sits atop can hold up.  As we approach the final stages of history’s most destructive monetary experiment – the GLOBAL fiat currency system – such PROPAGANDA, along with MONEY PRINTING and MARKET MANIPULATION, desperately seeks to generate HOPE that four years of government intervention is about to bear fruit.

For the wealthy people making and writing such PROPAGANDA, the truth matters not.  They are playing a vicious game of deception, and know they are better off than the general public, whom they could care less about.  However, for the “unwashed masses” experiencing the ravages of recession, unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure – and the accompanying personal trials – “hope” is moving further into the rear view mirror.

In the early months of each year, government statistic manipulators create “bullish” NFP payroll reports to foster a new spirit of “hope.”  Given the myriad “seasonal adjustments” related to holiday hiring and winter weather, they can report any bogus number they’d like, as they did this year when they interrupted a year-long trend – since resumed – of NFP misery in January and February.  Unfortunately, reality set it in March, April, and May, destroying the last remaining iota of “hope” for an employment recovery any time soon – let alone an “end to QE.”

Likewise, each Spring the real estate PROPAGANDA machine is “fueled up,” claiming the long awaited end to the housing crash is upon us.  Like last night’s Jon Stewart skit – “Polish that Turd” – all manner of “analysis” is trotted out to prove real estate is finally on the rise.

The Daily Show – Polish That Turd

Whether certain types of housing are slightly improved, or certain regions, or higher permit applications, or even the amorphous “record low mortgage rates” argument, there is NEVER a shortage of B.S. spewed to the masses.  After all, the only remaining “asset” in the public’s portfolios are their homes – even if a large proportion of such homes are underwater…

…U.S. homeownership is plummeting (due to foreclosure and bankruptcy)…

U.S. homeownership hits record low – Gallup

…and “shadow inventory” – units held off the market because banks are scared of being forced to recognize catastrophic mark-to-market losses – is near ALL-TIME HIGHS…

Such PROPAGANDA – particularly from the National Association of Realtors, which was forced to revise its 2011 “Existing Home Sales” figures significantly lower twice – is a “rite of Spring,” taken hook, line, and sinker by the doting MSM, despite what is experienced in the REAL WORLD.  By the way, the NAR’s revisions are no different than the significantly lowered “benchmark revisions” to prior-year NFP employment reports, published essentially EVERY Spring by the U.S. BLS…

Existing Home Sales Debacle, As Larry ‘Baghdad-Bob’ Yun Confirms Overstatement

The fact remains that EVERY YEAR – “feast or famine” – more people relocate in the Spring than any other season.  Thus, all comparisons between Spring and Winter should be seasonally adjusted – as essentially all other economic data is, deserved or not – yet somehow, the government and NAR statisticians fail to do so.  The media publishes drivel like “housing demand rebounding,” when it should be reporting that housing starts are mired at multi-year lows….

…housing permits – a meaningless measure with little correlation to actual construction activity – are no different…

…and U.S. housing prices – per the widely recognized Case-Shiller Index, are at ten-year lows, and falling…

The past 20+ years’ debt boom – intensified by the EXPLOSION of Wall Street real estate derivative products, following the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 – sucked the masses into the largest bubble in U.S. history (other than the current T-bond bubble).  The damage wreaked by this economic tsunami will take decades to clean up, particularly after the dollar CRASHES.  There is NO WAY OUT for the majority of “home owners” – which I write in quotes because 80%-90% of American homes are “owned” by banks – so I BEG you to avoid essentially all real estate investment in the coming years.

The ramifications of the housing bubble will be catastrophic to tens of millions more over the next decade, with the only true benefactors to be owners of REAL MONEY – i.e. PHYSICAL gold and silver.


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