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“Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason, why the gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot.”

Today is November 5th, an important, but largely forgotten day in European history. On this day in 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested for storing gunpowder underneath London’s Parliamentary building, seeking to destroy the seat of an oppressive government.


The initial public reaction was mockery and hatred, but eventually his plot was embraced by a large proportion of the populace. Today, Guy Fawkes has become an international symbol of rebellion, memorialized in my favorite movie of all time, “V FOR VENDETTA.” Who would have thought that Natalie Portman, from my home town of Syosset, New York, would be the star of my TWO favorite movies, V for Vendetta and Revenge of the Sith?


In 1605, the courage to rebel was a much rarer trait. Most nations, including Britain, were run by monarchs or otherwise unyielding despots, with dissent often, if not always, punishable by death. Human and civil rights were practically non-existent (certainly by today’s standards), as well as fair trials. Moreover, one also had to fight the all-powerful church, an omnipresent institution that influenced lives as pervasively, and invasively, as the government. Mental and physical oppression ruled the day, rendering the WILL, let alone the POWER, to dissent, infinitesimal. That is why Guy Fawkes was such a hero, and why so many embrace his tale with such gusto.

In real life, I am a very mild-mannered person, albeit with powerful opinions. Knowing me, you wouldn’t believe I am the person behind the RANTS. However, I do have a gene predisposing me to stand up for myself, and after a decade of abuse at the hands of the PPT and Gold Cartel, I am simply exercising my right to do so. RANTING ANDY writes from the heart, with one goal, and one goal alone, to PROTECT YOU from the same oppressive government that people like Guy Fawkes gave their life for.

I do not intend to die for my beliefs, as fortunately the Internet provides me the same opportunity to help the public as a gunpowder plot circa 1605. Just circulating the below picture of President Obama congratulating one of his largest campaign contributors, John Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and, until yesterday, MF Global, says everything Guy Fawkes could have said by blowing up Parliament.

I’d end my RANT on this dramatic note, but I have a few other things to discuss (don’t I always?).

This week was an utter CATASTROPHE on all political and economic fronts. The Federal Reserve and G-20 meetings were dismal FAILURES, demonstrating further that public trust in such previously lauded institutions is rapidly eroding. Fed Chairman Bernanke has become a figurehead of failure, rarely even listened to anymore, while Treasury Secretary Geithner has LITERALLY become a laughing stock, notorious for contributing to the some of the worst public policy decisions in U.S. history.


The GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE is unrelenting and worsening each day, and will NOT end until the Western banking and currency systems are DESTROYED and REPLACED. I say this not based on speculation, but my knowledge of simple MATH. In the Western world, nearly all nations cannot EVER repay their debts, including the U.S., the U.K., and most of Europe. Not to mention, numerous nations WORLDWIDE are in the IDENTICAL position, notably Japan. Sadly, the cancerous tie that binds them all, and eventually destroy them, is the “world’s reserve currency”, i.e. the U.S. dollar.

In the U.S., even the comical “birth/death model” cannot reduce unemployment, despite having added 530,000 PHANTOM JOBS this year alone, including ALL of October’s supposed gains.


In Europe, the economy is weakening considerably faster, as only the “world’s reserve currency” can benefit from QE with artificially lower rates. The ECB lowered interest rates on Thursday, a pitiful statement in reducing the benchmark rate from 1.50% to 1.25%, yet rates continue to SOAR across the continent, most alarmingly in Italy, the third largest EU economy and one of the most indebted nations on earth.


The EFSF “leverage” plan was essentially DOA, and any hope it could be revived was stamped out at the G-20 meeting, where nearly all members rejected it with little debate. Without outside help, such as Chinese government investment, the stronger European nations will have to handle the burden themselves. Again, MATH 101 tells you this is impossible, and that the PIFIGS, as well as numerous other weak nations, will be forced out of the Euro. The result of the Euro collapse will be countless sovereign bankruptcies, starting with France and Italy, and scores of corporate failures, principally the European, British, and American BANKS that financed these deadbeat nations.


Aside from the destroyed finances of corporations, municipalities, and sovereigns across the Western world, financial markets have been PERMANENTLY BROKEN. In the past, government market intervention was limited to currencies, in and of itself a highly destructive practice. However, in today’s environment, i.e. the FINAL STAGE of economic collapse, governments across the globe have stepped up such interventions, both OVERTLY and COVERTLY, in the stock, bond, commodity, and, of course, gold and silver markets.

The Dow is now moving in 200+ point swings every day, while zombie bank stocks, from Bank of America to Deutsche Bank to Soc Gen, are moving 5%-10% EACH DAY. Government algorithms and HFT computers account for 75% of ALL trades in ALL markets, while naked short selling not only is more prevalent than EVER, but seemingly bordering on LEGAL given the complete and utter lack of regulation and, in turn, prosecution.

And for those that believe the U.S. is “stronger” than Europe because it is not undergoing the same depth of crisis, don’t hold your breath. ONLY its ownership of the “world’s reserve currency” has enabled it to maintain its status a few rungs higher on the ladder. Only those “rungs” are the equivalent of Jack and Rose climbing to the top of the Titanic while the rest of the passengers plunge into the water…

Come to think of it, it’s quite amazing that, with Europe LITERALLY on the verge of collapse, the U.S. dollar index has barely budged! The Euro makes up a whopping 58% of the dollar index, yet the Euro exchange rate, at 1.38/dollar, is nearly at the TOP of its historical trading range of 0.85 to 1.55.

Moreover, the second largest component of the dollar index is the Japanese Yen, at 14%. The Japanese government has lost $512 billion THIS YEAR ALONE supporting the dollar against the Yen, including this week’s OVERT intervention that drove the yen/dollar down 4% in FIVE MINUTES on Wednesday. Yet, the dollar is STILL at its ALL-TIME low against the yen, give or take a few percent. The historical range for the yen/dollar exchange rate is 75 – 300, and 75 was exactly where it was before Wednesday’s intervention. Today, it’s up to a whopping 78.


Just think of the scope of the economic calamities and debt burdens in the EU and Japan, and then take a good hard look at the dollar index above. What does that tell you about “U.S. strength”, or lack thereof, in nominal terms?

Or how about in REAL TERMS, versus GOLD?

Readers, the ENTIRE world is buying gold, both OVERTLY and COVERTLY, particularly the very same Central Banks in such a hurry to sell it when hoodwinked into believing in the “King Dollar.” Retail investors did most of the gold buying in the early 2000s, but in recent years sovereign wealth funds have joined them, and shortly the party will get a lot more crowded, as INSTITUTIONS OF ALL TYPES desperately try to PROTECT their assets from sinking fiat currencies across the globe. The buying will only stop when the market goes “NO OFFER”, which I assure you is coming down the road, perhaps a lot sooner than you think.


And what’s this? Ah, an interview with CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, HOT OFF THE PRESSES Friday afternoon. Once again he admits that COMEX silver manipulation is REAL and ONGOING, a major affront to an organization intent on burying this crime in red tape. The CFTC claimed on Friday that its silver investigation is “ongoing”, but we all know it will NEVER end, not until the game is OVER and the COMEX rendered useless.

Remember, the COMEX gold and silver frauds pertains to PAPER metal, NOT the real stuff. Buying PHYSICAL GOLD and SILVER enables you to BEAT THE CARTEL at its own game, and eventually, DESTROY THEM.