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This afternoon, I’m highlighting the work of Miles Franklin blog reader “G,” who sent me a detailed analysis of the various “RETIREMENT THREATS” we all face, taken from the financial perspective.  Such analysis was done in the context of making personal decisions as to which assets to own, how to own them, and where to hold them.  ALL readers – regardless of age or circumstances – should be aware of these issues, relevant to investment decisions of all kinds:

Threats to Retirement

I agree with essentially all “G” has written, with a few comments of my own:

1. In the “Confiscation of Retirement Accounts” section, he writes “One reason for the government NOT to do this is that IRAs hold stock.”  This is an astute observation, showing how little thinking goes through the mind of status quo maintaining politicians.  Talk about a “Hobson’s Choice!”  In other words, if the government tries to confiscate IRAs and put the proceeds into Treasury bonds, how will they prevent the stock market from crashing when they sell all those stocks?  Ultimately, circumstances will dictate their actions; but rest assured, every ACTION has an equal and opposite REACTION!

2. In the “Inability to Transfer Money Overseas” section, he writes “Low chance of stopping transfers due to mechanical difficulties.”  In a “normal” world, yes, but we should all consider the worst-case scenario, of HYPERINFLATION, currency controls, and even travel controls if martial law is instituted.

3. In the “Inability to Travel to Take Possession of Physical Gold.” section, he assigns “Low Risk.”  This, too, is caveated by the aforementioned worst-case scenario.  Of course, if this occurs, those storing gold outside the U.S. – in safer jurisdictions – will be thankful for their foresight.

4. In the “Inability to Transport Gold Across Borders” section, he writes “Medium Risk; if gold ownership becomes illegal, international shipments will also be illegal.”  I agree 100%, which is why those considering international storage – such as Miles Franklin’s programs in Canada, Switzerland, and Hong Kong – need to make such decisions ASAP!

5. In the “Taxes on Pension Income Increase” section, he writes “Probably in concert with general tax hikes.  There will be widespread opposition to special taxes on pensions.”  My view is this – if we intend on becoming the “Socialist States of America,” we will be taxed as such to pay for it.  There will be plenty of opposition to new taxes – of ALL KINDS – but tax increases will still occur, just as they have in countless nations across the globe.  Such inevitable tax increases – by the way – are another reason to cash out your IRA and other government-sponsored retirement plans NOW, before such increases take effect.

To all readers, think long and hard of the topics addressed in this spreadsheet.  And to “G,” THANKS for the fantastic analysis!


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