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Since PMs commenced their late August surge, an avalanche of gold standard-related articles “coincidentally” emerged – touched off by Republican Party PROPAGANDA, on the eve of its national convention.  I ASSURE you the Republicans – nor any politicians, outside Ron Paul – have ANY intention to formally discuss the topic, much less launch “commissions” to investigate its merits.  This is PURE political posturing, aiming to make it appear as if Democrats have ruined the current economy; and thus, suggesting Republicans “hypothetically” advocate the opposite policy.  Heck, I’d be surprised if more than TEN of Congress’ 535 members – Ron Paul included – have even the slightest inkling of what a “gold standard” means (and trust me, it’s NOT rocket science).

Republicans Mull Return to US Gold Standard – WSJ.com

Irrespective, the key takeaway of this “shot across the bow” is that even politicians, bankers, and journalists – i.e., the evil “Washington/Wall Street/MSM troika” that DESTROYS OUR LIVES – understand the new zeitgeist of citizens’ MISTRUST of government policy…

Did The Great Financial Crisis Start With The End Of The Gold Standard?

Even when “DOLLAR PRICED GOLD” reached an ALL-TIME HIGH last summer – before the Cartel smashed it back down – such talk was non-existent, Presidential election year or not.  As during 2008’s Global Meltdown I, 2011’s Global Meltdown II still maintained vestiges of belief that Keynesian policies – monetary and fiscal – could still save the day.  However, amidst 2012’s unfolding Global Meltdown III – i.e., “the Big One” – more and more people, WORLDWIDE, are realizing fiat currency is the problem.  And not just fiat currencies relative to each other, but versus REAL MONEY, against which ALL fiat currencies have COLLAPSED against for decades

As one might expect, the usual Cartel shills – like uber-moron Jeff Christian – are front and center, attacking the potential end of their covert gravy train…

CPM Group – Republican Party calls for a Gold Standard

…as are MSM stooges like the New York Times

Bruce Bartlett:  Republicans Are Wrong on Call for Gold Standard – NYTimes.com

…and an assorted band of cockroaches, crawling from the woodwork…

Robert J. Samuelson:  Return to gold standard would only worsen economy

…challenged, of course, by the “good, smart people”…

Gold Standard Needs Sensible Consideration – Ned Naylor-Leyland

…who KNOW the truth, and SEE the future…

Peter Schiff:  Why we need a return to the gold standard

No matter what happens, the return of REAL MONEY is set in stone – and NOT via government decree.  This time around, the MARKET will set gold and silver prices at their TRUE EQUILIBRIUM LEVEL.  Then – and only then – will governments be even considered in the equation.  For this to occur, gold MUST rise to at least $15,000-$20,000/oz in TODAY’S DOLLARS – and silver to at least $1,000-$4,000/oz, targets that rise further with each dollar printed.

Gold standards are the antithesis of fiat currency.  Thus, when fiat currencies inevitably become WORTHLESS, REAL MONEY becomes PRICELESS, and the only way to reconcile the two is via a “RETURN OF THE GOLD STANDARD.”


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