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Care of WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Project Veritas, and countless other whistleblowers in the modern age of hacking and global information dissemination (not to mention, the Miles Franklin Blog), the world is on a rapid “learning curve” of the public and private criminality that has occurred for decades – and how they can make a difference by exposing it.  Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton would have been President if not for the tireless efforts of, for lack of a better description, “good guys” who, from myriad facets of life, took it upon themselves to prevent perhaps the most dangerous, sociopathic “politician” in U.S. history from taking office.  That, and Donald Trump’s politically brilliant scheme of repeating the buzzword “rigged” each and every day, until eventually it convinced enough marginal voters that the time for change is NOW.

Thankfully, such disclosure is far from limited to politics; particularly in the investment world, where Deutsche Bank’s admission earlier this year – of a long-term scheme to suppress gold and silver prices, aided by soon to be outed co-conspirators, is shedding the same light on financial market crime as the equally shady worlds of election racketeering and media propaganda.  And not just Precious Metals, but everything from LIBOR, to mortgages; to foreign exchange; credit ratings; credit card account creation (see, Wells Fargo); and heck, “cheater” emissions testing devices (see, Volkswagen).  Not to mention, the self-righteous heads of public propaganda generators in not just the mainstream media, but social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google – all of which, are likely to experienced significant backlash from pro-Trump advertising clients.  As for the MSM itself, the list of layoffs, losses, and readership plunges tell you all you need to know about the future path of information dissemination, as the riggers and fakers are tossed into the dustbin of ignominy.

In all cases, the liars, cheaters, and fakers have been outed – against which, the Trump victory was the first major example of retribution in action.  Not to mention, the BrExit; another vote in which, in hindsight, both the polls and election odds were blatantly, hideously rigged – let alone, the government, Wall Street, and mainstream media propaganda supporting such lies.  Which unfortunately, will no longer work – as when it comes to elections, the “liars who cried wolf” have now been called out not once, but twice.  Or heck, four times, if one counts last year’s landslide Greek “Oxi” vote and Catalonian secession referendums.  In both cases, pre-election votes were called “to close to call” by the pollsters, in contrast to the final results of 61% of Greeks voting “Oxi,” and 81% of Catalonian’s voting to secede.

In the case of the upcoming Italian Constitutional Reform Referendum and Austrian Presidential election, both to be held December 4th, even rigged polls cannot hide the fact that Italians are highly likely to vote “no” – and thus, force pro-EU Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s resignation; and that Austria’s first serious far right candidate in the post-War era, Norbert Hofer, is likely to win the Presidency.  Or, for that matter, the upcoming French election in April; in which, I have been predicting a landslide victory for the anti-EU Marine Le Pen for even longer than the Trump victory I first forecast in June, the day after the BrEXit vote.

It was just five days ago when the top MSM “fakers” predicted LePen had no chance to win.  That is, until yesterday’s initial polls emerged, giving her an utterly astonishing initial lead; so much so, ex-President and pro-EU lackey Nicolas Sarkozy has already conceded defeat, leaving only current President Francois Hollande in her way.  He, of the 4% approval rating, who two years ago stated he wouldn’t run for re-election if the French unemployment rate, currently at an essentially all-time high of 10.5%, is above 10%.  In the words of Beppe Grillo, the comedian-turned-leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement – the nation’s now largest political party, and likely successor to the Prime Ministerial throne – “amateurs” like himself and Donald Trump are conquering the world, now that the “experts” have destroyed it.  To that end, I see that Angela Merkel, one of the biggest reasons a “globalized” Europe is collapsing, just declared her intention to run for a fourth term in October.  To which I can only say, she has just committed herself to a humiliation far worse than Francois Hollande’s in April, and Hillary Clinton’s last week.

Yes, the lies are everywhere, front and center – starting with the “renewed hope” of a November 30th OPEC production cut agreement; par for the course, regarding the utterly desperate attempts to fabricate a means of convincing investors it will cut production –and thus, justify higher prices – when not a shred of actual evidence suggests it to be possible.  Or better yet, that the miniscule cuts from the all-time high production levels achieved last month – which several OPEC nations admit to have been understated – could possibly reduce, let alone eliminate, history’s largest oil glut.  Heck, the “oil PPT” even got Goldman Sachs on board to preach their lies this morning – whose “analysts” are as compromised as they have been wrong, about everything from economic growth; to earnings estimates – even when rigged with “non-GAAP” accounting chicanery; to the Fed’s monetary policy plans, per this damning article from two months back.

As for gold and silver, “Economic Mother Nature” is saving her most violent revenge on the riggers and fakers that have suppressed prices – for so long, they have created the most undervalued prices, relative to fiat currency outstanding and the prevailing supply/demand balance, in perhaps, the 5,000 years they have been tradable.  This, at a time when political, economic, financial, and monetary trends have never been more “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish.”

For instance, the aforementioned political upheaval; a collapsing global economy; and oh yeah, this weekend’s news that the Chinese Yuan was devalued to its lowest level since early 2008; whilst India’s soon-to-be-deposed government, which just announced the most draconian capital control since the Cypriot bail-in, in removing roughly 85% of all Indian currency from circulation, is considering actual cash holding constraints.  Not to mention, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble essentially threatening the UK with harsh, draconian sanctions if they go through with the BrExit – which I assure you, will decidedly NOT improve European trade, diplomatic relations, or foreign exchange rates.

In a world where ”rigging” is now mainstream; and care of the post-election “fake news” phenomena, in which essentially all  liars, fabricators, and propagandists are being exposed, it won’t be long before they are all permanently discredited.  And more importantly, ignored.  And nowhere will this be more evident than the reaction to future Central banking decrees; which, with each exponentially increasing, infinitely compounded policy failure, are being driven closer to their “end game” of overt hyperinflation, and credibility annihilation.  Which sadly, will destroy the “99%” that haven’t protected themselves beforehand.