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Two weeks ago, while speaking at the Agora Conference in Vancouver, a man who reads my newsletter approached me with a sullen look on his face and before he spoke, he sighed in exasperation.  He said, “Andy, I have wanted to buy gold for years, and every time I broach the subject with my wife my financial advisor or my friends, I am made to feel a fool! Can you please help me?”
“I get that! I really do understand that feeling,” I said to him.  I told him that at times I feel like a man from another planet.  I told him my views differ so much from most of the people I associate with, people I consider dear friends.  The worst part is in wanting so desperately to help them see things differently, to help protect their families and their savings.

I told him that often I feel my message just brings people down, and in many cases creates a debate on economics with a person who knows just enough to be really dangerous.  After enough of this type of reaction my approach has been to keep my views to myself and say very little.

However, he needed to make his case, so I told him what I would say. I would say something like, We are heading down a path that will ultimately lead to rising interest rates and much more pain.  A path that is void of green shoots and lacking the seeds of any so called recovery.  A path burdened with the unemployed, over 20% according to John Williams of shadowstats.com. A path littered with cascading foreclosures, and massive waves of bankruptcies, currently running at almost 7,000 per day.  Numbers so very far beyond anything ever experienced in this country.  The huge cost of the path being borrowed, creating an enormous Federal debt of over 15 trillion dollars, with a huge dependence on foreign investment to fund that path. A path if followed, will lead us right off the cliff.  I choose the path less traveled!