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After yet another tortuous month of Cartel suppression – the first in which we’ve seen three “named storm” blitzkrieg attacks, Precious Metal investors are feeling like they’ve been through a 15-round bout with Mohammed Ali.  However, note how I used the word “investors” rather than “owners,” as the difference is as stark as night and day.

If you own PAPER “PM investments” of any type – especially on margin – you are taking your financial life into your hands.  The Cartel wants you DEAD – financially and literally – and will create limitless supply of ETFs, futures, and mining shares to seal your demise, doubling up their efforts at times gold appears most likely to soar.  There is absolutely ZERO possibility of beating the Cartel – short or, particularly, LONG.  Thus, if you are heavily weighted in PAPER “PM investments,” there is a strong chance you will be RIGHT about your macroeconomic views, but DEAD WRONG as to how to capitalize.  Yes, you COULD wind up “winning,” but the odds are heavily against you.

Conversely, PHYSICAL “PM owners” are in it for the long haul, and do not view their holdings in terms of “dollars,” but “ounces.”  I found it hard to believe I’d ever think that way, but now that my portfolio is structured as thus, I fully understand.  On massive smashes like the last two days, my brokerage account barely budges in value (I hold a bit of GTU and SVRZF as “cash”), while my PHYSICAL holdings just sit there doing nothing.  Their “price” may change each day, but their “value” does not, and so long as I hold on to them, I am 100% sure their purchasing power will at worst keep up with inflation, but more likely dramatically increase it.

That said, no matter which camp you are in (and they truly are different mind-sets), experiences like this month’s “LEAP DAY VIOLATION”, “FOMC MUTILATION”, and “FED MINUTES DECIMATION” are enough to fluster the most seasoned market professional, even die-hard “goldbugs” such as ourselves that have been through this drill dozens of times.  NEVER have I felt more strength in my conviction that the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM is on the brink of utter collapse, and conversely that PHYSICAL gold and silver prices will rise dramatically in today’s dollars and exponentially in tomorrow’s.  However, NEVER have I seen the opponents of free-markets – and free will – work so hard to defer that day, to my never-ending frustration.  I guess I should be careful of what I wish for, as soaring PM prices will usher in a dangerous, hyperinflationary world rife with social unrest and totalitarian government, but what I care for most is TRUTH and JUSTICE, and until TPTB lose their battle with “Economic Mother Nature,” a handful of evil “elites” will benefit at the expense of billions of innocent civilians.

I know I’m rambling, but I’m writing Thursday afternoon after my own personal heavyweight bout this week, and thus a bit “punchy.”  My point is thus; the Cartel has shot its entire arsenal of illegal weapons at us, but still “PM holders” are standing tall, particularly those with no “PM investments” to destroy their brokerage accounts.  You may think the Cartel has gotten the best of you, but the fact remains that PHYSICAL demand has supported prices above the KEY ROUND NUMBERS of $1,600/oz and $30.00/oz for gold and silver respectively, representing the bases of the right shoulders of their MASSIVELY BULLISH, seven-month “reverse head and shoulders” formations, while Euro Gold is still trading ABOVE its 200 DMA, with an equally strong, nine-month “pennant formation” preparing to launch to new ALL-TIME HIGHS later this year.

Even if the Cartel can somehow push gold and silver below these levels, it would likely only occur amidst a market panic that would IMMEDIATELY yield shrill calls for GARGANTUAN, OVERT, CURRENCY-KILLING QE, causing a PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER MANIA to purchase the limited supply at such fire sale prices.  It happened in September 2008 and September 2011, and will happen today in a bigger, more explosive way than at any time in the 12 year bull market – I AM 100% SURE.

Thus, if you feel like you are fighting an unwinnable fight, think again.  Only in Precious Metals (assuming you are a “holder,” not an “investor”) is the underdog the player holding the cards.  The powerful Cartel WILL be defeated, just as occurs time and again in fiction…

Only this time, it is the Cartel that must overcome impossible odds to win!