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I have a LOT to speak of today, mostly from the heart – as I have never been angrier at the state of the world, and those that have destroyed it for both our generation, and generations to come.  To that end, I never would have thought so, but I’m actually rooting for Donald Trump now.  As whether his brand of “change” is good or not – and most likely, it won’t be – at least it’s different than the political, economic, and social hells brought to us by the Democrats, Republicans, and others, worldwide, of their ilk.

First, let’s get the ignominy of the past few days’ “trading” out of the way – particularly in response to “analysts” that think markets are anything but Central bank-planned gambling dens.  In which, the “house” always wins – but in the process, destroys not only the gamblers, but its own ability to survive.  So for those that think “markets” move because the Bank of Japan or U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund intervene in the USD/JPY exchange rate; or “investors” believe more, or less, “QE” is coming, I hope your heads don’t hurt too much.  And don’t think anyone’s going to cry for “traders” – most of whom are brainless parasites, unknowingly piggy-backing on government manipulations, but still too dumb to realize how to profit from it.

“We’re condemned to serial bouts of severe volatility – having been trained to dismiss real and knowable risks as just improbable black swans.

LOL, “severe volatility” – whilst the VIX, or Volatility Index, trades near its all-time low, as the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” is propped by the volatility-less “dead ringer” algorithm each day.  And yet, “hedge funds” – or as I deemed them four years ago, “hedge bombs,” are going out of business as rapidly as over leveraged energy firms, retailers, and minimum-wage saddled fast food franchisees.  Not to mention, “U.S. territories” like Puerto Rico.  Again, it just shows how incomprehensibly dumbed down Wall Street has become, like the rest of the world, at large.  I mean, the head “Global Economic Advisor” at PIMCO, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, made a “big presentation” yesterday, in which he actually “advised” the Fed to monetize stocks!

To that end, “markets” – like Japanese stocks, which will shortly be owned entirely by the government – have become 100% manipulations.  And sadly, even when such facts are made public, like Deutsche Bank’s last month that it has suppressed PM prices – with the help of other “too big to fail” banks – for 15 years, no one seems to care.  Likely, as so few actual market participants remain, after having been destroyed by rigged markets and debt-burdened, over-regulated economies over the past two decades.  I mean, just how much more obvious can it be that the Cartel was using its time-honored DLITG, or “don’t let it turn green” algorithms on gold and silver yesterday…


Or heck, this morning; first, at the usual “2:15 AM” for the 631st time in the past 725 trading days; next, via the prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm, following the horrifying ADP employment report, which just happened to be reported as the COMEX opened; and finally, after the “slightly better than expected” – and completely fabricated – “PMI Service Index” was reported an hour later.  Funny how the far more watched, and horribly weak, labor report, was suddenly ignored when a barely “better than expected,” absolutely weak, and patently meaningless “diffusion index” was published – what a shock, at the time-honored “key attack time #1” of 10:00 AM EST, when the physical PM market closes.  Regarding the former, let’s see how many “seasonal” and “birth/death” adjustments the BLS will require to report its usual 200,000 jobs Friday – which quite obviously, it has been ordered to do, like when Obama needed votes for his 2012 re-election.  That said, it won’t be long before the NFP report, like the government that fabricates issues it, will be entirely discredited.


And wouldn’t you know it, yet another “dead ringer” algorithm for the Dow – just like yesterday, the day before, and at least three-quarters of all trading days since I first wrote of it four years ago.  FYI, yesterday’s chart – in which the Dow’s bottom was an hour later than usual, is what I call a “variations thereof” algorithm; in which, the same general result is achieved, even if the actual “dead ringer” algo is not used.  The reason being, in yesterday’s case, that commodities were being destroyed, so the PPT had to spend an extra hour supporting the Dow at its “ultimate limit down” level of -1.0%, before bringing it back to higher levels.


That said, my greatest degree of venom, as always, is reserved for the “gold community” itself.  Which, despite being home to some of the best people I’ve known, is chock full of “analytical minefields,” particularly from those that purport to be “technical” experts, in markets that are not only manipulated, but in a manner to “paint” technical charts.  And yesterday, GATA’s Chris Powell, by far one of the best, took on “Trader Dan” Norcini – for, among other things, claiming “I still cannot stomach so many of these gold cult members who seem not to understand that when they are cheering predictions of $5,000, $50,000, etc., gold prices, they are cheering the ruin of everything around them.”

Honestly, I don’t think I could be more insulted, given that 1) I don’t “root for Armageddon”; and 2) I speak of TRUTH, not the government-manipulated LIES Norcini’s “technical analysis” are based on.

The last I looked, “cheering” for my investments to go up in value wasn’t a crime – nor has it been since man’s first investments five millennia ago.  And $5,000 or $50,000 gold doesn’t portend the ruin of everything around us – even if that indeed occurs.  No, the real crime is that gold prices have been suppressed for so long, enabling the real carnage the world is experiencing – and will for generations to come, care of the manipulations that form the basis of Norcini’s beloved “technical analysis.”

That said, is gold the only investment whose success would portend economic and/or social collapse?  I mean, if I were “rooting” for Treasury bonds – in most cases, already trading at zero or negative yields – wouldn’t I be “rooting” for massively negative yields, and economy-destroying “QE to Infinity?”  Or what about stocks?  I mean, if the Dow were to surge from here, as the economy collapses around it, it would surely mean hyperinflation, government monetization, and unprecedented wealth inequality.  Or what about oil – which I’m sure Norcini loves, given that he’s from Texas?  Wouldn’t $150 oil, as we last saw at the eve of the 2008 crisis, cause U.S. savings to plunge, and the economy to collapse?  Or how about the good old dollar?  But wait, if the dollar surges, it would mean billions of people would see their currencies – in most cases, already at or near all-time lows, plunge further.  That can’t be a good thing, in a heavily indebted world, featuring the worst economy in generations, can it?

In other words, the dis-ingenuity of claiming “goldbugs” are rooting for Armageddon is staggering – as the only thing we’re “rooting for” are free markets, and the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Which surely, Norcini the man and trader seeks as well, no?  And irrespective, it’s not like we can make markets do anything, especially rigged ones.  No, only “Economic Mother Nature” can do that – and I assure you, she could care less of the political, economic, or social ramifications.