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Richard Russell has chimed in along with Jim Sinclair and Ted Butler and they all now admit that gold IS manipulated.  That should lend some credibility to us “conspiracy” nuts.

Yesterday, I received an Email from one of our readers who, on the one hand agreed with what I write, but on the other complained that all I do is repeat the same doom-and-gloom, preaching to the choir over and over again.  Couldn’t I write something different, he wondered?

I replied…

Yes I do need to repeat the same thing over and over.  The problems don’t change so how can the reporting on the problems change?  If you know of a better way to do it, please let me know.  Yours is the first comment of this type we have received.  Most of “the choir” has no problem with the format.  I do not report doom and gloom – I report factually what is happening.  If it is too much for you, take a break and stop reading the daily for a while.  I don’t make the news; I report it and do a better job than the mainstream media (MSM).  They are the ones that report doom and gloom – murder, rape, natural disasters, fraud, you name it.  That’s what dominates local TV and newspapers.  My wife Susan hates it when I watch the 10 o’ clock news because it is all so negative.  I report on financial events that affect all of us and the problems are very real.  Would it be better not to talk about them?  I think not.

(After thinking about it for a day, the reader sent me an Email and apologized.  Apology accepted – we all have a bad day every now and then.)

Miles Franklin is offering you a Golden and Silver Life Boat Pass on the sinking USS Titanic.

We are on the Titanic – do you have your Golden or Silver Life Boat Pass?

I recently purchased this historic oil painting from Robert Taylor, the artist who has painted most of my aviation art collection.  It commemorates her fateful voyage 100 years ago.  Now, in 2012 we are all on the U.S.S. Titanic and it has already hit the iceberg and is taking on water.  And the band played on!  Those with a Golden or Silver Life Boat Pass will have the best chance to survive (financially).