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When I commenced my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL” in the PM sector (now eleven) in May 2002, I had little knowledge of what I was getting into; and still less guidance.  I was still three years from the end of my Wall Street career; and as far as I knew, the “MAINSTREAM” world I worked in was the only reliable news source.

Shortly afterwards, I became aware of Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters – a relatively inexpensive, subscription-based services; and Jim Sinclair’s FREE website, www.jsmineset.com.  Both served to educate me immensely, but Sinclair’s was unique in that he spent seemingly endless hours posting commentary and answering reader questions; all while operating an overseas mining company, among other business and recreational pursuits.

I had the privilege of seeing Sinclair speak in Jupiter, Florida in January 2004; in an impromptu Q&A session of roughly 100 people.  Also attending was his lovely wife, Barbara, who clearly shared his convictions about gold.  Sadly, she died in an auto accident later that year; and from reading him religiously for a decade, I truly believe her spirit has enhanced his instinct to PROTECT others from financial harm.

Along with Russell and my long-time allies at GATA, Sinclair empowered me through countless years of Cartel attacks – and still does today.  I may not believe in everything he says – such as his staunch belief in mining shares and technical analysis.  However, his unwavering support of gold; i.e., the “HOLY GRAIL OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD” – has sustained my passion to follow in his footsteps.  And as Marketing Director of one of the nation’s largest bullion dealers, I now have my own “platform” to widely disseminate pro-gold views.

When I first started at Miles Franklin in October 2011, “SALUTING SINCLAIR” was one of the first things I did…

Listen to Sinclair! – December 2011

…and earlier this year, I highlighted his incredible call in April 2008; in which he predicted gold’s early 2011 price of $1,650/oz. – nearly to the month

Sinclair’s $1,650 Call – March 2013

I must admit, I was taken aback by his recent attempt to time the bottom of the current “correction”; as in this case, government MANIPULATION has been taken to such spiritual levels, it has become IMPOSSIBLE to make such predictions.   However, he has continued to highlight the same fundamentals I speak of each day – such as surging demand, plunging supply, and the litany of economic, political, and social PM catalysts lurking in both the foreground and background.

However, the reason this particular RANT was penned was his recent initiative to travel the WORLD – on his own dime – to host FREE meetings like the one I attended in Florida nine years ago.  Frankly, his goal is not only to educate of the virtues of gold, but encourage the public to “Get out of the System” before it’s too late.  By my count, he has held no less than six such meetings; in London, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Scottsdale – that I know of…

GOTS: Get out of the System: Jim Sinclair’s Mineset

And now, as we watch “Helicopter Ben” once and for all demonstrate his commitment to “QE to Infinity” – a term coined by Sinclair, by the way…

I think you can only conclude that highly accommodative monetary policy for the foreseeable future is what’s needed in the U.S. economy.  We have seen some tightening of financial conditions, and that if they were to tighten to the extent that they jeopardize the achievement of our inflation and employment objectives, then we would have to push back against that.

Ben Bernanke – July 10th, 2013, 4:10 PM EST

…he is again bringing his ages-old $1,650 “minimum target” back into play; as the “fifth pillar” of the PM bull – a “recognized to in the US. Treasury Long Bond” – appears to be upon us…

That $1,650 target has since been dramatically raised – to no less than $3,200/oz., and as high as $50,000/oz.; but suffice to say, said fundamentals have never been stronger – irrespective of Cartel efforts to “discredit” them…

Gold will rise to $1,650, React, then Challenge and Better Old Highs

And thus, for literally decades of service to the “CIGA” – or Comrades in Gold Arms – community, I am officially “SALUTING SINCLAIR”…