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The more “RANT topics” I have lined up, the closer we are to the END GAME, and the more intense the corruption, criminality, and collapse overwhelming the political and economic environment.  Between over-the-top PPT and Cartel manipulation, and cascading “horrible headlines” – across the globe – I had four disparate topics to choose from, ALL of them bad.  That is, until 10:05 AM EST – yet another market moving announcement at the Cartel’s favorite ATTACK TIME – when the U.S. Supreme Court registered its WORST DECISION IN THE NATION’S 230 YEARS.

We all know the Supreme Court is nothing more than a partisan body of political party cronies, altering the course of American history based solely on the amount of Democrats and Republicans in its ranks.  In other words, the nation can be “made” or “broken” depending on one thing, and one thing only – which party the President is when justices DIE.  Yes, these run-of-the-mill lawyers are appointed for life, via a Constitutional rule on a par with the idiocy of European and Middle Eastern monarchies.

Typically, these political sycophants nearly ALWAYS vote on party lines, such as the vile 2000 decision to award George Bush the presidency, when he so obviously lost the Florida primary.  The fact that his brother was the Florida governor, his Florida campaign co-chairperson the Secretary of State, and the Supreme Court weighted with seven Republicans is why he won, contrary to all the evidence pointing to Gore’s victory.  Like Gerald Celente, I am a “political atheist,” HATING Democrats and Republicans with equal vigor, so please, no emails saying how I love Democrats and hate Republicans.  Let alone the myriad, scathing things I have written of Barrack Obama – and Bill Clinton, whose vast flaws were masked by the fortuitous timing of his presidency (just like Ronald Reagan).

Anyhow, what makes today’s unjust, unpopular, and financially devastating decision that much viler is that it was NOT decided upon party lines.  This statement may sound contradictory, but my sense that it was “untowardly influenced” was dramatically heightened by the decision’s uncharacteristic bipartisanship.  The Supreme Court has five Republicans and four Democrats, ALL of whom voted on party lines except Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican who swung the vote in Obama’s favor.  Frankly, there is NO WAY a Republican staunch enough to be appointed Chief Justice by Bush’s neo-cons could possibly be in favor of Obamacare, so any residual confidence I had in the integrity of this institution is FOREVER SHATTERED – as is the case with essentially ALL my views of the Declining States of America.

Now that the “political pleasantries” are out of the way, let’s go back to one of my longest-running mantras – in fact, the single most empowering tenet of my 100% confidence in the long-term nature of the Precious Metal bull market…
Government will ALWAYS make decisions inadvertently BULLISH for gold, and BEARISH for everything else.
In other words, even though I KNEW the majority of citizens, States, and the Senate were against Obamacare – and that its economics are so abysmal, even the “legal-focused” Supreme Court would recognize its DANGER – I KNEW it somehow would be upheld.  I didn’t know how – via what precedent, or otherwise – only that bankers, politicians, judges, and other high officials ALWAYS screw up monumental decisions, with this one being the “granddaddy” of such futility.

In a nation already generating $1.5 trillion in annual deficits – on the verge of yet again breaching its debt ceiling, amidst an environment of ECONOMIC FREEFALL and UNENDING WAR – PRINTING tens of trillions of new debt to pay for universal healthcare is FINANCIAL SUICIDE.  Moreover, any half-wit realizes the government destroys EVERYTHING it touches, so giving it the authority to manage healthcare will surely yield dramatic productivity declines and cost increases.  Let alone, the rampant price inflation resulting from PRINTING tens of trillions of dollars to pay for it, and tens of trillions more to purchase additionally Treasury bonds, in order to offset “bond vigilante” attacks related to such hyperinflationary fiscal policies.

American is now officially a socialist nation – and a BANKRUPT one at that – so there is NO DOUBT tax rates will be dramatically raised, potentially to the draconian levels enforced in Canada and Europe.  This will further choke off the dying economy – chasing any remaining material business interests overseas – and further concentrate the devastating SIZE and POWER of “Big Brother,” forcing Uncle Sam to exponentially accelerate MONEY PRINTING to make up the funding gap.  And so on and so forth, in a vicious cycle that eventually ends in HYPERINFLATION, CURRENCY COLLAPSE, SOCIAL UNREST, and WAR.  And heck, I haven’t even spoke of accelerants to this fiscal wildfire (pardon the pun, living in Colorado), like the simultaneous COLLAPSE of Europe, Japan, India, and essentially ALL global economies.

Based on today’s horrific, nation-killing “SCOTUS” ruling, I propose a new motion for these morons to consider, although in reality, the deed is already done.  Why not change U.S.A. to R.U.S.S.I.A. – the Reluctantly United Socialist States of America?


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