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Few realize Miles Franklin is not just a bullion seller, but a dealer.  Given our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and 22 years without an official complaint of any kind, we are one of just 25 such dealers listed on the U.S. Mint’s Official Website.

The reason our dealer status is largely unknown is because – as we have discussed for years – the “secondary market” for used coins is essentially non-existent.  In other words, nearly NO ONE sells us their coins; with most cases due to clients having near-term liquidity needs, as opposed to a desire to “sell high.”  At Miles Franklin, roughly 1% of our revenues emanate from client “buybacks,” which I often cite when demonstrating how essentially ALL price declines are due to covert government intervention in the PAPER PM markets.  Or, on the rare occasion they are desperate to push prices lower, they’ll even do so overtly; even if such admissions – like the one below catalyzing last December’s “OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION II”…

…are quietly retracted after the damage is done…

MNI Reports Coordinated Central Bank Intervention Sends Gold Lower Intraday

I expect client buybacks to NEVER represent more than 1% of Miles Franklin’s sales; or, for that matter, the ENTIRE BULLION INDUSTRY’s.  PHYSICAL Precious Metals are not only rising in price EVERY YEAR – 12 straight, to be exact – but each day, their “once and future” roles as REAL MONEY are being recognized by more and more of the global population.

However, it is important to know that not only do we stand to purchase metals if you need to sell, but consistently offer the industry’s highest buyback price.  Moreover, for those that initially bought their coins from Miles Franklin, we charge ZERO commission on buybacks – a benefit you are unlikely to find anywhere else, and a major reason one must consider BOTH sides of the transaction when negotiating purchase commissions (of which we are also highly competitive).

Miles Franklin is just as eager to purchase Precious Metals as to sell them; and thus, are “SCOURING THE NATION FOR PRECIOUS METALS.”  The majority of our coin procurements are part of trades; particularly, clients “SWAPPING GOLD FOR SILVER” or taking advantage of the “ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION OPPORTUNITY” to swap modern gold coins for pre-1933 numismatics, during the rare times premiums fall close to ZERO.  However, we occasionally have other types of client sales transactions, albeit in small amounts.

The process of mailing in coins to Miles Franklin is simple, enabling you to receive payment via bank wire (anywhere in the world)  or check as soon as we receive them and verify the metals.  However, certain clients feel more comfortable handing over bullion in person – either as part of a sale, or the aforementioned swap transactions.  We can help in all situations, including – in certain circumstances – traveling to your home or a designated site to pick up your metals.  Just let us know what you aim to do, and Miles Franklin’s experienced, proactive sales staff will make it happen!


Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.