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Stay with me here.

I promise you will learn something valuable.

In my other life, I’m big into health.

Not your typical rah rah medical establishment health and the usual nonsense your doctor will blabber to you at your yearly physical.

I am a partner in a business that shows people how different kinds or wavelengths of light can affect your health both physically and mentally.

Sometimes the effects can be good and sometimes they can be bad.

Sometimes these health effects from light can be even more profound than diet or exercise.

Yes, I know.

It seems crazy.

Think about the power of sunlight.

The more sun you get, the longer you probably live.

UVB from the sun triggers your body to sulfate Vitamin D.

UVA from sunlight lowers blood pressure and increases nitric oxide.

Red and infrared light in sunlight have all kinds of beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Blue light and UV wavelengths in sunlight can decrease seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and make people happier. In fact, the power of the sun creates mood lifting serotonin and dopamine and even triggers your body to produce an opioid called b-endorphin that literally acts like a drug to make you addicted to the sun and feel happy.

More on sunlight in a moment….

Take a look at some current financial market indicators and triggers.

There are so many indicators. I often have a hard time picking out which ones to pay attention to. Here are just a few I notice….

*The release of the Petro-Yuan and the threat of China unloading 1.3 trillion dollars in US bonds
*All time high credit card delinquency rates

*Huge US trade deficits approaching one trillion dollars
*Just 30 companies make up about half of all earnings in US stock markets
*George Soros and Soros Fund Management given the green light to get into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
*Record US and global debt. Negative interest rates
*Stock buybacks at all time highs

*Goldman Sachs is BULLISH on commodities
*Current US bull market is NINE years old
*The yield curve is flattening and on its way to inverting

*Volatility has come back big time
*US commercial and industrial loans are fading fast
*Italy is not looking good to the EU and German banks

I can go on and on.

It doesn’t look good.

But it hasn’t really looked good for a while.

Governments and central banks seem to be doing a better than expected job of keeping these markets on life support despite all signs of the markets just trying to induce a fever to burn all the bad bugs and truly recover.

So out of all of this bad news, it is hard for me to say just what will finally trigger a big correction or crash.

Which brings me back to everything I know about the sun and light and how they contribute to or degrade your physical and mental health.

You see, the power of natural sunlight in your environment moves in cycles.

The day/night cycle. The power of the sun starts off low in the early morning, gets stronger and stronger until it reaches peak power at solar noon and then its power lessens the closer it gets to sunset until finally the dark of night arrives and the power goes out.

During this day/night sun cycle you are energized when the sun comes up, get more alert as the sun gets stronger and then get sleepy as the sun goes down and darkness comes. If there are extended periods of time that are cloudy or rainy, you can also start to feel slow, sluggish or even gloomy.

There are also winter/spring/summer/fall sunlight cycles.

For instance during summer, the sunlight is strong. You get lots of energy. You are more social. Generally happier. Then comes the winter sunlight cycle where the sunlight becomes less powerful. What happens in winter? People tend to be less social and more irritable. They suffer more from depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

And just like day/night and winter/summer sunlight cycles where the power of the sun ebbs and flows and can do things to you like change your mood, there are even longer sunlight cycles.

These cycles are called sunspot cycles.

But instead of lasting just 24 hours like the day/night light cycle or even 6 or so months like the winter/summer light cycle, sunspot cycles typically last about 8-14 years per cycle with an average of about 10.5 years per full cycle.

But more importantly…

Instead of affecting people in a certain area, like summer does to Australians when it is winter in America, sunspot cycles affect every person on the planet all at once.

Do you realize what this means?

At the peak of the sunspot cycle, when the strongest sunlight is hitting the world, everyone on the planet is more energized!

Can you imagine how this extra energy could stimulate market booms and bubbles?

And guess what happens when the bottom of the sunspot cycle comes?


The sun is not as strong. It’s like a world-wide winter and everyone on the planet has Seasonal Affective Disorder!

The whole planet is more likely to be in a lower energy, sad and depressed state.

And what do you think that means for the markets?

Bubbles burst.

In my opinion, this is why sunspot cycles may be the greatest indicator/trigger to watch because this is something governments cannot stop and markets cannot escape because sunspot cycles affect every single person on the planet at the same time.

Digging a little deeper into sunspot cycles, here’s what I’ve discovered.

Good economic data goes back into the 1800’s and we can trace sunspot data back that far as well. What the sunspot and financial data says is that about 88% of recessions happen on the downside of sunspot cycles and a majority of recent major financial crises or crashes have happened on the downside of sunspot cycles.

And guess what?

The last sunspot peak we had was in 2008.

We are currently on the downside of a sunspot cycle and it is projected to bottom out around the year 2020.

So do I think sunspots are THE indicator to watch? No.

But from what I know about the biophysics of light, I know sunspots aren’t woo woo nonsense either. They affect the health and mood of the entire planet and the psychology of the masses affects the markets.

We’ve got about two more years to go before the current downside sunspot cycle turns up.

You can even sense that although the market numbers look ok right now, people don’t really feel ok. It seems there is just an overall sense of impending doom. A nervous laughter.

Governments and central banks are doing their best to prop these financial markets up like those guys did with Bernie’s dead body in the movie “Weekend at Bernies”.

Nature is not on the government and central bank’s side.

I guess we’ll see what happens but it is pretty obvious the World’s financial markets need some vitamin D.

In the meantime I’m getting more sun, not less.

And I’m buying gold, silver and bitcoin.

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It is getting hot here in San Juan.

Hurricane season is only a month away.

The Cubs should be good this year.

Time to head back to Chicago.

Hunter Riley III
April 2018
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hunter is the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book on gold and silver investing called “Stack Silver Get Gold: How To Buy Gold And Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off!“. He also created the world’s only online training program showing you how to buy gold, silver and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which you can see here called Stack Silver. Get Gold. Buy Bitcoin.