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In today’s daily, Richard Russell says China is swapping its hoard of dollars for gold.  If correct, that in itself will fuel the bull market to heights that will make your head spin.  Jim Sinclair shouts QE to infinity is as certain as death and taxes!  These are two of the most highly respected (by me and many others) writers in the hard asset arena.  Both warn you not to leverage and not to try and trade these markets with the big boys.  They both advocate physical gold.  Of course Sinclair would love to have you invest in his mine, Tan Range.  I do.  It is the only mining share I currently hold.  I own it because I have faith in Sinclair.

Both Russell and Sinclair write about the big picture and where gold is headed over the next two to three years.  Investing always has risk.  There is risk in owning gold and silver and there is risk in not owning gold and silver.  You can’t avoid risk but you can make educated guesses.  From my vantage point, having followed Russell for 29 years and Sinclair for over a decade, it is clear to me that these icons see the future and see it clearly.  Their view of where we are headed is logical and well reasoned.  I can sum up what their feelings are toward the dollar and gold.  Sell dollars, buy gold!  Those of you who do, in quantity, will be glad you did.  Those of you who are still waffling on the sidelines will kick yourself for not acting sooner.  That’s a promise!