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If there’s one thing I’m famous for – or some might say, infamous; it’s CALLING BULL when I see it.  Whether politician, financier, or newsletter writer; you can be sure if the person is a hypocrite, self-server, or charlatan – RANTING ANDY will be there to inform you.  In fact, at many of my presentations and Webinars, a good portion of the Q&A is dedicated to “deconstructing” those purporting to be “good” in a world chock full of bad.

Beware of performance of newsletters writers

Each day, the “evil troika” of Washington, Wall Street and the MSM suffocate us with PROPAGANDA; often, from those we had previously trusted.  The Cartel CANNOT destroy my infallible position in PHYSICAL PMs; however, they can certainly irritate me by presenting the tainted, biased views of those claiming to be on my side – but in REALITY, could care less if I live or die…


This RANT was inspired by the non-stop prattling of Bill Gross of PIMCO; who I have long railed against as someone that used the power of his role – as the world’s largest bond fund manager – to influence government policy; i.e. crying like a baby for mortgage bond BAILOUTS.  He appears to have finally “found religion” in his recent criticism of government PRINTING and SPENDING – and even advocates gold.  However, as a “MAINSTREAM” portfolio manager, he must still speak of “markets” as if they are freely-traded…

As of now, …the price of gold [does] not suggest that markets are worried about the global inflation consequences of QE.

With The G-4 Central Banks “All In”, Pimco Speculates When QE Finally Ends, ZeroHedge.com, May 31 2013

…and thus, I still view him as a “snake in the grass”; albeit, a garter snake compared to vipers like Warren Buffett…

Warren Buffett feeling good about economy

To wit, I’ve already written volumes of the TRAITOR Warren Buffett has become; particularly as his father was one of U.S. history’s most noted “goldbugs.”

Howard Buffett said “Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money”, Called for Return to Gold Standard

…not to mention, that he, too, once thought independently…

Silver Ounces – Warren Buffett Buys Silver

Buffett has been as WRONG about the U.S. economy as ANYONE over the past decade – but has been well compensated for being a government “front man” since 2008’s Global Meltdown I

Warren Buffett: Deep Pockets and Sweet Deals

…let alone, via bailouts of his own companies

Warren Buffett, the Devil in the Details

…because he ENTIRELY MISSED what was coming; and if you watch him speak during the below film, do so only after your last meal is long digested…

I.O.U.S.A. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Then you have the politicians; starting with none other than Rudy Giuliani – the NYC mayor during 9/11.  Long-time readers know I not only was ten blocks away when it happened – in the Travelers building on Greenwich Street; but worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in 1993-96 – on the 105th Floor of the South Tower – when the first WTC bombing occurred.  I lost many friends and colleagues in the 2001 false flag attack; and thus, have as much right to a 9/11 opinion as anyone

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)
In its aftermath, Rudy was as inspiring a leader as I had ever come across.  However, to see him morph from a “war hero” to a political stooge with but one goal – to become PRESIDENT – was among the most sickening “SELLOUTS!” imaginable…

Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign, 2008

Similarly – although not as dramatically – Chris Christie of New Jersey went from being the most respected politician in my universe to one of its leading “SELLOUTS!”  He, too, parlayed a once-admirable set of ethics into political posturing (likely for a 2016 Presidential run); and to watch him whine like a baby in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath – exploiting it ENTIRELY for political gain – was truly a vile site to behold…

Chris Christie Becomes Hurricane Sandy Historical Revisionist

Last but not least, there’s “Mayor Bloomberg” of New York; whose lust for money and power is so great, he re-wrote the term limits provision of New York’s constitution.  Once one of the heroes of my financial world; he, too, has significantly abused his power; both on a personal level…

Bloomberg’s Latest Nanny-State Initiative Could Be Overturned, too

…and criminally; although I’m SURE he’ll feign ignorance, being the “mafia don” he has become…

What the Bloomberg terminal scandal reveals about the media and its money-making ways

The point of this RANT is to keep you aware that “precious few” people could care less about your well-being; and as the GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE gains momentum – HYPERINFLATION and all – the amount of Atlas Shrugged-like “SELLOUTS!” will only expand – exponentially.


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