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Many of you have been reading Miles Franklin’s dailies for a while.  David writes from the heart and hits straight to the point yet as the owner of a precious metals dealer he is no carnival barker.  I bet you could go back 5 years and read one of his missives and see that he was pretty close to correct.  I write like I speak and tell it the way I see it and (R)Andy, well, he gives you more information in one space than is humanly possible.

So where am I going with this?  If you like what you have been reading and think that we make sense, tell the truth and you’ve learned anything from us then please send it along to 10 or even just 5 of your friends, relatives or people that you care about.  I have found over the years that “Gold people” are some of the most “real” people on the planet.  They inherently are “searchers” for the truth.  Generally they are people that would prefer a world where business is done on a handshake and goes off without a hitch.  “We” are the minority in a world where even written contracts are ignored on a regular basis.  If you are reading this “they” are probably like you.

But there is a “rest of the world” who either don’t think or analyze, are too busy to bother, don’t care or something else.  These are our friends, relatives and others that we wouldn’t want to see get run over by the obvious oncoming fiat steam roller.  That said, I ask that for the next week you send them a link to our writings.  You can talk to many of these people until you are blue in the face and they will either think you are nuts, eccentric or just plain wrong.  You are not and you know this.

The metals have been “sold” down on the paper markets at the same time that physical demand has increased, somewhat reminiscent of late 2008 when prices crashed but… it was hard to find any real silver to purchase at any price near the paper price.  Right now is an excellent time to forward our writings and get those that you care about to think about entering the metal arena.  You can do this with confidence because anyone who does buy now should be very happy in a relatively short period of time as this “paper operation” ends, which it surely must and will.  By making this push now you will be doing a service and with very little chance of being told “what a bad investment you suggested.”  I know that it is difficult (and scary) to recommend anything to those close to you.  I know this personally as the scariest thing in my 23 year Wall St. career was making a recommendation to my Mom or Dad.

If you pass our information along, it is not you making the recommendation, it is us.  If you believe (as you rightly should) that the only true insurance from the coming financial calamity is gold and silver then please take this seriously and forward the link to 10 people each day for the next week.  We are not barking “buy from us,” though we would appreciate the opportunity to compete price wise for any trade you might contemplate.  I have received numerous e-mails over the last 8 or 9 months thanking me for my writings.  Try to help those that you care about, forward our “stuff” for a week or so and consider us even.  It is our pleasure to tell the truth as even that is becoming scarce and more valuable.  Thanks.