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While watching the only RELIABLE news source in the United States of Censorship – the Daily Show with Jon Stewart – I came across a story that DEFINES American stupidityparticularly from BILLIONAIRES who should know better.  I’m willing to give Warren Buffett a pass because his JOB is to lie and cheat the American public – or Bill Gates for being unwittingly asked to speak of a topic he knows NOTHING about (gold).  However, for the “average billionaire tycoon” NOT entrenched in the government machine, it is truly shocking to see such IDIOCY in action…

Democalypse 2012 – Cash of the Titans, Sheldon Adelson backs Romney

Sheldon Adelson, a casino mogul worth $25 billion, is CEO of Las Vegas Sands Hotel, which made a killing expanding into the Chinese market by opening casinos via his Sands Macao investment vehicle…

Sheldon Adelson – Wikipedia

I understand the ultra-wealthy like to nurse “pet causes,” and certainly their financial interests via campaign contributions.  But why a Jewish billionaire and major Israel supporter – owning its largest daily newspaper, no less – would contribute $21 billion to Newt Gingrich, who didn’t even have a CHANCE to win…

Jewish Democrats Malign Newt Gingrich

…and then $10 million to Mitt Romney, AFTER his Gingrich contributions funded vicious anti-Romney ads, is beyond me.  I realize he wants to ensure the lowest possible taxes for his company and personal fortune, but is this a productive use of $31 million?

Gingrich Goes Negative in Anti-Romney Ad

Readers, this RANT has NOTHING to do with politics, as I am not endorsing Gingrich, Romney, Obama, or ANYONE outside Ron Paul.   I HATE THEM ALL, and believe the nation would be better off with ZERO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  And I truly mean – ZERO!  Rather, my point is that rather than bribing corrupt politicians, why not protect vast wealth with the only substances PROVEN to do so throughout history – PHYSICAL gold and silver?

I am baffled how someone that’s earned $25 billion in the business world – much less, a 78-year old, Depression-Era Jew – does not realize that even “$25 billion dollars” will one day be worthless.  Let alone, that trusting politicians to safeguard your interests – particularly two-faces like Gingrich and Romney (and to Republican readers, Obama) – is like paying the fox to guard the chicken coop.

I constantly receive emails asking what they should “invest” in besides PHYSICAL PMs, and my answer is always the same.  Given how near the END GAME of the GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM appears, it makes little sense to take untoward risks.  I believe PHYSICAL gold and silver will appreciate more than 99% of ALL the world’s investments – while most are declining – so why take speculative risks in stocks, bonds, real estate, or “alternative investments?”  Moreover, such risks are compounded if they are “PAPER investments,” as a collapsing currency will destroy nearly EVERYTHING but REAL ITEMS of INTRINSIC VALUE.

In Sheldon Adelson’s case, I understand his aim of “influencing” tax policy, but find campaign contributions and “lobbying” to be vile practices, if not directly violating the Constitution, certainly its spirit.  I shouldn’t put much faith into someone that’s made his fortune STEALING from the public via the immoral, RIGGED casino business.  However, in America – the “land of the free” – blackmail has been institutionalized, especially for the privileged uber-rich.

But the funniest – and saddest – aspect of this silliness is he could make himself FAR RICHER – with a FAR LOWER PROFILE – if he just bought several billion dollars of PHYSICAL gold and silver bullion, stored it offshore (such as with our International Precious Metal Storage Program), and SHUT HIS BIG TRAP!

As of 2011, there were 1,210 known billionaires – just one-third in the U.S. – ALL of which can PROTECTING their wealth discreetly with PHYSICAL gold and silver, and EACH of which can significantly damage – if not break – the gold Cartel if they decide to shift assets into the ONLY asset historically proven to PROTECT them…

List of countries by the number of US dollar billionaires

I’m guessing “SHELDON ADELSON” won’t do so, but who wants to bet AGAINST the combined brilliance and resources of 1,209 billionaires – including the 307 in China, Russia, and India?


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