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By now, most RANT readers realize I am a major fan of the Star Wars saga – in my view, the greatest fictional story EVER written.  Few realize Episodes VII, VIII, and IX were written long ago – with screenplays posted online – but unfortunately, will likely never be made.  George Lucas could sell them for tens of billions of dollars, but has long maintained only HE would ever make them – and at age 68, such odds are rapidly shrinking…

Star Wars 7 Episode 7 vii Seven Starwars 7 8 9 Plot Script Movie …

Of the dozens of memorable Star Wars clips, one of the most ominous is the end of Episode II:  Attack of the Clones.  The “storm clouds” of deceit, treachery, and betrayal had gathered over the Republic for years – sown by its EVIL leader, Chancellor Palpatine (a/k/a, the “Emperor”) – and finally, the inevitable “War to end all Wars” commenced:

Begun the clone war has….
In Earth 2012, the landscape of deceit, treachery, and betrayal was sown by a group of BANKERS in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944.  At that fateful meeting, they fixed the price of gold – a breach of sensibility fully severed in 1971, when Richard Nixon traitorously reneged on it, at the expense of the world’s citizens:

Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System
“Nixon’s charade” lasted roughly four decades, as the post-gold standard world maxed out its credit.  By then – i.e., NOW – the system (political and economic) had been long commandeered by the ONLY group to benefit from unrestrained MONEY PRINTING – the same BANKERS that plotted to create the Federal Reserve in 1913, weaken the gold standard at Bretton Woods in 1944, and abolish it totally in 1971.  Their greed was only exceeded by their lust for power, and consequently, they stopped at NOTHING to maintain it.

“Collateral damage” of fraud, poverty, and inflation litters the landscape – and finally, it started to reach the boiling point last year.  The “Arab Spring”, “Occupy Wall Street”, and expanding black markets in Deutschemarks and Drachma are but a few expressions of dissent, as are recent election results in Greece, France, and Germany.  “Economic cancer” is spreading rapidly, and now that systemic fraud and corruption is becoming “MAINSTREAM,” the “SHROUD OF THE DARK SIDE” has finally fallen.

Whether it’s MF Global/PFG Best, Bernie Madoff, LIEBOR, Robo-signing, Muni-bond bid rigging, High-Frequency Trading, or money laundering, the ENTIRE WORLD is realizing BANKERS have declared WAR on it; and thus, it’s time to fight back.

The world of the coming years will not be recognizable to post-war generations, as 60+ years of peace and prosperity will be replaced by poverty, angst, and war.  Recall what I write at the end of each RANT, as PROTECTING you is my primary goal.  Buying PHYSICAL gold and silver is one part of this process, but not all.  Think defensively, not offensively, and you just might survive – albeit, in a world of greatly diminished standards of living.

Now that the “SHROUD OF THE DARK SIDE” has fallen, think long and hard of the consequences.


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