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For over a decade now, the Fed has fought deflation and recession by creating massive liquidity and by reducing interest rates below the rate of inflation. This negative interest rate environment created the bubbles in stocks and in real estate, and has allowed the economy to become debt-logged, like a heroin addict buying his fix on credit.
At some point, as the Fed continues to print, the weakened, gasping dollar will be forced to dole out more in interest rates. Our foreign creditors are not stupid and they see our unfunded liabilities spiraling out of control
That is exactly why accumulating silver and gold is so important; the smart money is looking to silver and gold as a defense against the collapse of currencies, not just the dollar, but all fiat currencies.
Don’t look to own silver and gold to make large profits, rather you own them as a permanent store of wealth, and the best way to maintain your purchasing power in the most uncertain of times.