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As you know, NOTHING inspires me more than youth asserting themselves for good causes; particularly the best cause – PROTECTING others from oppression.  Since joining Miles Franklin as Marketing Director in October 2011, I have met numerous “Generation Y’s” inspired by the return of REAL MONEY; making me ponder how I would have responded to today’s fiat-destroyed world if I graduated college in 2012 – rather than 1992.

For the past three years, I have followed the progress of the Silver Circle Movie; a full-length, animated feature film about an Orwellian America where a band of “rebels” seeks to restore sound money through the production of SILVER rounds:

Synopsis: Jay Nelson, lead investigator for the Federal Reserve’s Department of Housing Stability, is assigned to an arson case at Glenwood Homes.  He’s quickly led to a rebel group plotting to take down the Federal Reserve.  Rebel leader Zoe Taylor tries to convince Jay that although the Chairman of the Fed – Victor Brandt – is blaming the rebels for destroying Glenwood Homes – Brandt himself has secrets of his own.  Join the silver-toting Rebels as they attempt to outsmart the Fed, and restore sound money in America – once and for all. 

The movie is the brainchild of Pasha Roberts, a 50-year old graphic designer with a passion for moviemaking and sound money.  In early 21st century America, the topic is FAR outside the “MAINSTREAM”; and thus, funding such a project was a major challenge.  Consequently, Pasha’s team fronted $1.6 million to produce, market, and distribute the film; which per the trailer below, looks to be extremely exciting and thought-provoking

Silver Circle (2013) – Official Trailer
The “unofficial” premier was held February 21st at the Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire.  However, the OFFICIAL PREMIER is scheduled for March 22nd in New York City.  Three cities – New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC – have full-week runs scheduled; while seven others are scheduled to host one-day gala events – per the schedule below:


In fact, several of the premiers will feature special guests; hosting follow-up Q&A sessions with Silver Circle moviegoers.  As of now, Peter Schiff will appear at the New York City opening on March 22nd…

Peter Schiff Hosts Q&A following our opening night in NYC!

…while I – Ranting Andy – will host the Boulder opening on May 4th.  Yes, as of today, Miles Franklin has finalized its sponsorship of this fantastic event – to be held at the Boedecker Theater in the Dairy Center for the Arts on Walnut Street.  There will be two showings – at 7:00 PM and 9:15 PM; after which, I will host a Q&A session.  I will keep you posted as soon as more information is available.

Moreover, the schedule is far from complete.  Additional cities will be added in the coming weeks; in some cases, via revenue-sharing contracts with theaters; and in others, private sponsorships enabling private and/or public airings – such as what Miles Franklin is doing in Boulder.

For a modest cost, your group can sponsor such an event; bringing a fantastic movie – and better cause – to your home city.  Please help support this amazing project – completed with significant “blood, sweat, and tears” – by going out to see it, and SPREADING THE WORD.  Better yet, volunteer to join the “Rebel Crews” distributing flyers and pinning up posters in the various cities.

If you have any questions about Silver Circle – or have interest in joining “Rebel Crews” – please contact its dynamic Marketing Manager, Megan Duffield, at [email protected].


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