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On May 4th, I hosted the Boulder, Colorado premiere of the Silver Circle Movie; per the below RANT.  Aside from the important message it transmitted, the film itself was fantastic


I’m looking forward to seeing it again Saturday, June 28th, when Director/Producer Pasha Roberts will host a special screening at the Liberty Masterminds Symposium in Dallas – at which I’ll also be presenting…

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Simultaneously, the film will be released on myriad alternative media; per the details below from Silver Circle’s fabulous Marketing Manager, Megan Duffield ([email protected])…
Starting July 1st, we’ll be launching our official “Video on Demand” release, consisting of 15 different platforms online and on cable!  DVD’s will be for sale shortly afterward.  Silver Circle’s life in the theater had a great run! We saw 14 cities and hosted over 1,000 people in our screenings.  Moving into the VOD release, we have the opportunity to share the movie with people everywhere.  I can’t begin to count the people who wanted us to bring the movie to their small-town theater in the middle of nowhere…but now, with streaming options like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant, and more – it’s possible!  Our release also covers some cable networks in Canada (Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, and East Link TV); so this VOD release will allow us to expand far and wide…but we’ll need your help.
A link will be sent out on July 1st directing you to our iTunes download, where you can rent the film (we’ll also include other viewing options). We are asking all of our fans to “Rent, Rate, and Review” to help increase our visibility; as well as provide social proof to those who organically stumble across this Fed-focused film. 
Rent – The price hasn’t been set in stone yet, however it will be between $3.99-5.99
Rate – Much like Rotten Tomatoes, iTunes has a star-rating system where, after the film you can share your level of enjoyment and appreciation for Silver Circle
Review – For those of you who want to go the extra mile, please consider leaving a review or message regarding your viewing experience.
Although this is a three-step request, it only takes minutes after viewing the film. So don’t get lazy on me!  This means more to us than any other wonderful deed you’ve helped us with along the way.
So keep an eye out later this month for “THE LINK” to the iTunes release. I’m sure you won’t miss it. I’ll have it plastered everywhere…please be sure to help me share it! 
Not only is the film important to the cause of REAL MONEY, but per the below review I wrote for their blog, it is extremely entertaining…
On May 4th, I had the honor of hosting the Silver Circle Movie Premiere in Boulder, Colorado.  Director/Producer Pasha Roberts was on hand – and the Silver Circle poster I received will eventually find a deserving spot on the walls of my home.
First off, let me just say that forgetting the subject matter – obviously, near and dear to my heart – this was an AWESOME MOVIE.  In just 92 minutes of running time, Silver Circle seamlessly incorporated a dire message of future hyperinflation and draconian government with enthralling car chases, explosions, and near-misses; dramatic subplots of love, family, and devotion; shocking plot twists; and an ominous view of what a decaying 2019 America might look like.  Sadly, it’s all too believable; and when viewing through the context of numerous Atlas Shrugged references, it’s hard not to RUN out afterwards and buy PHYSICAL silver.
The genesis of this movie was 2008’s Global Meltdown I; and thankfully, was released before “the Big One” eventually hits.  The dedicated crew that put Silver Circle together should be commended for a fabulous movie – which by Hollywood standards, should be acclaimed for its technical proficiency, character development, screenwriting, and action sequences; but more importantly, for imparting wisdom that could help SAVE you and yours in the coming troubled times.
Thus, I urge you to – in some way, shape, or form, participate in the July 1st “SILVER CIRCLE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA RELEASE!”  Even if you don’t buy it, please spread the word in our “shadow world” of alternative media blogs.