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One of my favorite passions is music.  Half a dozen times a year, Susan and I go to the Dakota, a wonderful Jazz nightclub in downtown Minneapolis.  I pay extra for A-Train seating, next to the stage.  Last Monday we took our son in law and a friend and sat right next to the stage to watch Stanley Clarke and George Duke.  Clarke is probably the best rock/jazz bass player around and I have been listening to him since 1978.  It is a unique experience to see these “legends” perform from 10 feet away.  The concert was wonderful!  I need to get away from the computer and the pressure of the markets and this is a great way to do it – albeit if only for an evening.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures – no flash allowed and we had to use the camera in our iPhone.

The most important article today is from Jim Sinclair.  He discusses deflation, which has not a snowball’s chance in Hell of toppling the system, and dismisses Martin Armstrong and his anti-gold views, without ever mentioning him by name:

The Day Of The Deflationists