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The most important aspect of life is comfort with one’s decisions.  We are all subject to nuances, vagaries, and uncertainties, but no one can regret things outside their control.  Conversely, “unknown unknowns” are beyond our ability to foresee.

In the past decade, we have witnessed the END of free financial markets, in real time.  In this treacherous environment, being “right” is not enough, and luck is a scarce resource.  And one shouldn’t trust anything to luck, as too much is at stake, both financially and personally.  Thus, shame on ANYONE losing money in stocks, bonds, real estate, or any asset class in a KNOWN bear – or RIGGED – market.

From 2003 to 2007, I made more money in mining stocks than over an entire career of 80-hour work weeks.  Thus, when the losses piled up thereafter, I convinced myself it was “house money” – and, of course, that the fundamentals of rising PM prices would eventually win out.  I erroneously assumed free markets would return, and thankfully sold some stocks to buy my house in May 2007. Lest, my savings would have been lost – and with them, my SANITY.  In this case luck won the day, and my wife’s compromise of moving to Denver (in return for me agreeing to buy a house) was the best decision of her life.  But make no mistake, it could have easily gone the other way – and if it did, I wouldn’t be writing today.

EVERYONE has “investment regrets” over the past five years, but some worse than others – particularly those that forsook logic and intuition due to stupidity and greed.  In my case, it took longer than I imagined to realize PM miners were tainted by naked shorting and capital strangulation (care of the U.S. government and Canadian investment banks), despite being correct in my assertion gold and silver prices would rise.  I desperately wanted to “make it work” in this cursed sector – both investment-wise and professionally – but made the hard decision to cut my losses, like a drug addict kicking the habit.  In the big picture, I wish I had done better, but KNOW I made the right decision – and consequently, sleep like a baby each night.

My personal experience relates to shifting from mining stocks to PHYSICAL bullion, but everyone has their own story.  Unfortunately, most fall prey to sirens luring them to excessive, and often catastrophic, losses, in the same manner slot machines destroy gamblers.  Frankly – as I write on the flight home from Las Vegas – the odds of “beating the house” appear to now be even with – or perhaps, superior to – “beating” rigged financial markets.

Before selling my remaining stocks last summer, the night entailed a repeating torture of nightmare and regret.  Dreams release our repressed feelings, so make no mistake – if ye have sinned, ye will repent.  Each night, my life passed before my eyes, and each morning the past eight hours’ pain was fresh on my mind.  It’s hard to believe my life was so agonizing, so recently – but that was then, and this is now.  Currently, I sleep with a peace not realized since childhood, as I KNOW my family is protected, and KNOW my decisions – some of them extremely difficult – were wise and true.

In all aspects of life, I wish you the strength to “choose wisely,” recognizing the coming FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON will make such decisions trying.  The light at the end of the tunnel awaits, but only for those with courage to recognize the grim reality, and fortitude to act accordingly, no matter how difficult the choices may seem.  Peace of mind  –  and blissful “SLEEP OF THE JUST” – will reward your efforts, to SAVE YOUR LIFE.


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