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Please take yourself back in time to when you were a little kid of 10 yrs old or so.  For some of you this will mean going back to the later stages of the Great Depression and WWII, for others the glory years of the fifties, the changes in the 60’s and 70’s and then the consumerism/debt that began in the 80’s and ran through the present.  It is safe to say that anyone (almost) that is reading this who goes back in their mind to when they were 10, will remember a “better” time than the present to have grown up in.

At what time ever would the “bankruptcy” of the U.S. ever have been discussed publicly on mainstream TV?  Now, the 10 year old kid growing up will turn to any channel, read on the internet or (fat chance) read a newspaper that discusses the “fiscal cliff”, $16 trillion (or $100++ trillion) of government indebtedness, annual deficits over $1 trillion and “impending financial doom” for our nation.

I was a little kid in the 1960’s, gangbangers, school massacres, movie massacres and the new “normal stuff” in today’s world just didn’t happen.  Yes, we had the occasional mafia whacking but kids didn’t shoot other kids for their Nike’s.  If you got into a fight in school, you got detention, shook hands and went home later to play baseball.  Now, the kids are expelled and a gang fight ensues where 3 are killed and 7 injured, brothers, sisters, cousins and parents all get involved.

Back in the day, some mothers worked, some were stay at home Moms.  Now, everyone’s mom works at least 1 job, sometimes more to help make ends meet…well…not everyone’s.  Some Moms are “professional Moms”, thanks to our welfare system, the more kids you have…the more welfare you receive.  Today, it pays to be a “broodmare!”  You need another car?  Have another child and get another monthly check!  I can remember the 2 or 3 kids who received a free hot lunch when I was a kid, nobody thought much of it but it was “different”.  55 cents for lunch and you got a .10 cent deposit back if you brought your tray up.  I was always hungry so I would pick up 6 trays and bring them up so I could have a second lunch, call it early entrepreneurial spirit!

Here we are 40+ years later and 47 million Americans are SURVIVING on food stamps and the government is promoting the program because they view it as a form of economic “stimulus.”  I can remember my parents making me eat everything on my plate because of some starving kids in Africa, now I feel guilty on my own when food gets thrown out because of the starving people in America!  Well, not that guilty, granted, some have hit hard times and are down on their luck…while others, the majority are gaming the system.  In fact, more people now “take” from the system than “pay in”.  I personally don’t get it because I was raised to “do or take any job you had to, to provide for yourself.”  It was a matter of pride if nothing else and “pride” or the lack of, is everywhere you look.

I can remember thinking to myself how “cool” it was that we were growing up in a free country, how fortunate we were.  Now, we have red light cams, cameras everywhere in all the big cities, drones, facial recognition, pat downs and litmus tests in airports (and other public places), capital controls etc..  Now you need an ID to work and pay taxes but not to vote, get healthcare or collect benefits.  Back then, you worked, paid your taxes and put what was left over into the bank.  You got 5.5% in a passbook account which was at least enough to cover inflation, besides, no one had to worry about their bank going under so at least it was a “safe place”.  If you withdrew less than $10,000 in cash (nearly half of a house) you had to report it, now $3,000 (a really nice weekend somewhere or a crappy used car) gets reported?  What’s up with this?

Did we ever hear about countries much less entire continents on the verge of bankruptcy?  Or computers “trading the market?”  “Censorship” was something that Pravda did, we had a “free press” (we thought).  It was really weird to see someone driving a foreign car and if they did, they probably owned a factory or something and drove a Mercedes Benz.  Detroit was the center of the manufacturing universe, today it is a ghost town where there are few grocery stores (because of shoplifting), homes that once were considered mansions are in disrepair and cannot even be given away because of the cost of demolition and the fact that it’s located in the center of gangland hell.

Do you remember getting a trophy because you won the town championship?  Or a medal because you came in 2nd or 3rd place?  Can you remember coming in 3rd place out of 8 or 10 teams and being envious because only the winner or runner up got recognition?  Not today, EVERYONE’S a winner now!  You can sit on the bench or sit on your ass, it doesn’t matter, you will get a trophy, food stamps or some other benefit.  Hell, you deserve it right?  You’re an American citizen (or not)!

I can remember watching Batman, Superman, cowboy and WWII movies, the good guy ALWAYS won!  The good guy always won AND was a “good” guy.  Many shows had a lesson to be learned.  When Beaver stole candy, he was found out, was really scared and actually got punished.  Today, parents are teaching their kids to steal or prostitute themselves.  When we went out with guns, it was to hunt for meat or for target practice but it was always a good time with your Dad.  Today, it’s not uncommon to hear about a second grader going out to school with a gun or knife to “teach someone a lesson”.

When I was a kid, only the “stoners” smoked pot, 15-20 years ago we found out that our President had smoked pot but didn’t ever inhale.  Today, there are more pictures of the President and his “Choomwagon” smoking dope than their are of him at any school, playing sports or in the band, taking a test or studying or just hanging out trying to pick up a cute girl.

It used to be that if you spent more than you earned…you went bankrupt.  This is still so, IF you are an individual.  If you are really lucky and are a bank or financial institution, chances are you will get rolled into another institution and get to collect on your golden parachute.  You can steal money from client accounts…IF you have a senior enough job and IF (only if) you steal enough.  If you are out to steal ham sandwiches, forget about it…it is jail time for you!

I can remember the kid who refused to pledge allegiance to our flag was sent to the Principal’s office.  Try doing that now, no problem.  In fact, if you try to make a child pledge allegiance or anything (or God forbid even think about praying) else, you can expect to be charged for something and the SWAT team will be coming for you!  I can go on and on but I won’t.  The point is this, the world has changed which in itself is not a bad thing.  What is “bad” is that nearly everything that has changed has been in the wrong direction.  The “change” has been in the direction AWAY from the things that made this country the greatest that history has ever known.  The “change” has been toward deceit and away from truth, toward laziness and away from hard work, toward something for nothing, towards theft, towards cheating, towards “the stuff” that your parents taught you was WRONG.

As for “Superman”, well he is dead and long gone.  So much for “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” these 3 words went together like peanut butter and jelly, now…  RIP