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Last week, I saw the below article regarding the relationship between “stacking” bullion and one’s sense of well-being.  The writer appears to be dealing with more significant personal demons than the average person, but it certainly got me thinking…

Is Stacking Therapeutic?

From 2002 through 2008, I held my ENTIRE NET WORTH in mining stocks.  Until early 2007, they were the best investments I ever made; however, once the TSX-Venture (a/k/a Vancouver) Stock Exchange peaked in April 2007 – at 3,350 – my “well-being” was decidedly NOT well…

However, the stress was manageable until Global Meltdown I hit in mid-2008, decimating not only junior mining stocks – CARE OF THE GOLD CARTEL – but ALL markets, and the financial condition of my employer.  Not only was I being hit on ALL FRONTS, but for the first time, I realized my long-forecast of FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON was on the horizon.  Thus, I started “stacking” PHYSICAL gold and silver – first slowly (a few silver rounds at a time); and then, significantly faster.

I’ve always said the most important hurdle in the road from fiat currency to REAL MONEY is holding a bullion coin in one hands.  Not just to sense its immense weight, but the scarcity, value, and back-breaking work that went into mining, refining, and minting it – particularly for gold, as it seems difficult to believe a coin not much bigger than a $0.50 piece can be worth $1,700.  In other words, feeling the coins give one a sense of security; that NO MATTER WHAT, it will ALWAYS be valuable.

As the GLOBAL implosion has expanded, my fears of inevitable – and possibly, imminent  – collapse have grown exponentially; and with them, the pace of my “STACKING THERAPY.”  Moreover, I last summer sold my last mining share – exiting PAPER markets FOREVER – and thus, my only “investment activity” relates to additional PHYSICAL buying.  Of course, I write “investment” in quotes, as PHYSICAL gold and silver are not investments, but savings.

In other words, STACKING EQUALS SAVINGS, and each coin I acquired, my ability to survive “future rainy days” grew stronger.  In a world where assets are COLLAPSING left and right, one feels impregnable holding the ONLY substance on Earth guaranteed to maintain its value – and likely dramatically increase it as the Cartel’s suppression scheme is permanently BROKEN.

In fact, one of my favorite “therapies” is to buy bullion on the largest DOWN DAYS – partly to get better prices, but partly to “give the finger” to TPTB.  Such days are also perfect for “PREPPING 101,” enabling one to PROTECT ONSESELF when the Cartel thinks they have accomplished the opposite result.  Many a day has been well-spent, and hopefully readers will do the same – and spread this “secret” to millions of others.  Trust me, you will NEVER sleep better.

Sadly, the time for such self-improving activities is running low; and when it’s gone, the only “therapy” you will receive is knowing you have already PROTECTED yourself, when you had the chance.


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