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In 24 years in the financial markets, I have assimilated numerous truisms and myths – in many cases, proven by centuries-old empirical data.  And in today’s “artificial world” – characterized by historic levels of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA – the myths are starting to overtake the truisms; as discussed in “1984 IN 2013.”

It doesn’t help that essentially ALL the world’s “news” is now disseminated by the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM; which is why a major benefit of the Miles Franklin newsletter is its ability to separate “MAINSTREAM” FRAUD from our “shadow world’s” TRUTH.  To wit, a significant portion of my time is now devoted to refuting MSM LIES; such as one must “SELL IN MAY…” and that “STOCKS AND BONDS NEVER FALL TOGETHER.”

Amongst the oldest, most ambiguous Wall Street “saws” is that all bull markets rise amidst a “Wall of Worry.”  In other words, human nature causes the majority to disbelieve an asset’s rebound from bear to bull market until its very late stages; which is to say, they “sell low” and “buy high.”  This is why so many “lost their shirts” in the 2000 “tech wreck” and 2006-10 housing bust; and why countless others will do so when the current stock, bond, dollar, and real estate bubbles burst.

In many ways, I agree with the concept – particularly as regards the average investor’s tendency to make counterintuitive decisions; as discussed in the “FINANCIAL HOLY GRAIL – REVISITED.”  However, the part I disagree with relates to the fact that such philosophy was developed in the context of FREELY-TRADED markets; and as most readers know too well, ALL financial markets are now manipulated.  Moreover, when it comes to PMs, not only have they been artificially suppressed, but subjected to the most virulent PROPAGANDA campaign in financial history.

Thus, when the venerable, 89-year old market sage Richard Russell deemed gold’s bull rising on a “STAIRWAY OF HATRED,” he was dead on.  Until 2013, gold and silver had risen continuously for 12 years – albeit, in sporadic “fits and starts” due to constant Cartel attacks.  However, as the aforementioned “evil Troika” is so deeply entrenched in the FRAUDULENT fiat currency camp, they have relentlessly purported PMs to be in a bear market each time they “correct”; or on the verge of one when they rise – as of course, they MUST be in a “bubble.”

The fact is, that until the Cartel is broken – which they WILL be, as they ALWAYS have been; this “STAIRWAY OF HATRED” will only grow more cancerous – and at times, demoralizing.  However, when it does break; which frankly, could be MUCH sooner than most could imagine, said “STAIRWAY OF HATRED” will destabilize into but a “Tower of Babel.”  By holding PHYSICAL gold and silver, “they” cannot push you down the stairway – but instead, just “huff and puff” until their breath runs out.  Stay firm in your beliefs, as the “STAIRWAY OF HATRED” is hollow underneath.