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I love these tables from Andy Hoffman.  Who says that gold is no longer a “safe haven?”

Tuesday Afternoon Wrap-Up 4/16/2013

When the Cartel desperately attacked PAPER PMs in late 2008 – to prevent them from being viewed as safe havens – my portfolio was essentially 100% mining stocks. Thus, I was completely vulnerable to their PAPER games; and if not for perseverance, additional risk-taking, and a bit of luck, would not be here writing today. However, this time around my liquid assets are 100% in PHYSICAL gold and silver; and thus, I have my “net worth has barely declined…


…particularly as my “junk silver” is trading at essentially the same price in the REAL, PHYSICAL world as last week – amidst a MASSIVE industry-wide shortage at today’s fantasy PAPER prices…


TPTB can suppress the PAPER market all they want…

The gold price crash is further evidence of market rigging

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Andy Hoffman also e-mailed me this message last night:

Subject: tightness creeping into gold

US Mint sells Record 63,500 Ounces of Gold in one day

Looks like we’ll BLOW AWAY January’s RECORD sales…


[Many dealers] now SOLD OUT on 1 oz. gold Krugerrands, Maples, Pandas, Mexican Peso 1.2 oz. coins.