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If someone tells you that an open flame is not hot, that it in fact it feels really good and soothing…Would you put your hand over to get that “soothing” feeling?  What if someone told you that the water in the pool was “special” water, they say that it was created in a laboratory and that you can stick your head in it and breathe?  Would you try?  Or if you were told that these “new” telephone poles alongside the road were “breakaways” that if hit they don’t even leave a paint chip on your car.  Do you floor it and head straight towards one?

Now, think about economic reporting.  Over the years it sort of “morphed” and was changed.  Little by little and in small baby steps, the way that unemployment, inflation, GDP etc. were calculated and then reported have changed.  This was done “slowly” because where are we to go “from here to there” in one step then everyone would scream FRAUD.  This is exactly what happened today.  The GDP numbers were revised going all the way back to 1929 (ironic starting point!) and presto, GDP was reported as being $550 billion higher than it was yesterday.

The “change” in reporting will be forgotten by tomorrow morning.  Actually, it will be forgotten by the close of business today because people would rather accept lies, fraud, or whatever story as long as it’s “good.”  People are so dumbed down that “numb” is too kind of a word to describe them with.  It is almost as if the American public have become walking zombies, they go to work and are too tired and beaten down to question anything.  Which plays right into the “Stepford Wives” life where “all is well,” all the time.

This will work until it doesn’t.  Lying about GDP or any other economic FACT will not change reality.  It will not change the fact that other than for the “elite,” life is getting harder and harder.  It will not change the fact that tax revenues can no longer support budgets on city, state or federal levels.  It will not change the fact that more and more dollars MUST be created to sop up more and more debt…or the system collapses.

My point is this, you can call anything you want by a different name but it won’t change what it really is.  You can make the stock market go up; interest rates go down or whatever you’d like but reality can only be hidden from view, never changed.  Yes, you can “make” reality for a time but when it’s all said and done you cannot get milk from a duck or eggs from a cow.  Just because Zimbabwe reported a GDP of some number followed by 100,000 “zeroes” does not mean that they were growing, nor was the economy any bigger than some medium sized city.  It looked good on paper only…until it didn’t.

Don’t be fooled and please don’t forget “today” because “today” was just another little “baby step” in completely falsifying our reported economic numbers.  We as a nation are ACCEPTING without question “baby steps” in the wrong direction.  Unfortunately, the baby steps accumulate over time and the stride has gotten longer on a journey straight to economic hell on Earth.