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Bill Holter dropped me an email after reading my daily and said, “You mean the most important four years in the history of the country, right?”  I shot him back an email and said, “Bill, I meant since the end of WW2 but could just as easily have inserted “in the history of the country,” or in my lifetime (which is more-or-less since the end of WW2).

I felt it appropriate to use a time frame that I lived through.  But in this crazy world, what is appropriate anymore?

In case you don’t read John Mauldin, his presentation today on Spain is scary.  This is exactly why Sinclair is correct – the ECB is caught in QE to infinity (along with our Fed, of course).

An acquaintance of mine was in the Israeli military and he told me he was convinced that Israel will attack Iran in a matter of weeks.  Just what we need now; another war in the mid-east, potentially leading to WW3, on top of Europe’s problems (Spain and the rest of the PIIGS) and our fiscal mess.

How much gold should we own now?  How much can you afford!  How many dollars can you raise by liquidating all dollar-based investments to fund the purchase?

But – like the old Beetles song says, “Money won’t buy you love!” Or safety or a great standard of living in the future we are facing.  Where is the knight on a white horse?  And even if we find one, I doubt he can do squat to fix things.

You see, its talk like that that makes me unpopular at cocktail parties.

The following, by Jim Sinclair, is very important to those of you who own gold – and even more so to those of you who don’t.  In case you missed it yesterday, part of Sinclair’s commentary is repeated here from yesterday’s daily – yes, it’s that important!

As usual, if I move commentary up to my section, it is something I do not want you to miss!

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