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The PM bullion business – both wholesale and retail – is perhaps the most opaque sector of the financial world.  Well, at least in the States; as here in China, coin sales are as ubiquitous as online stock trading platforms.  Not only do less than 1% of the public have a clue it even exists (talk about a “PRECIOUS METALS ANTI-BUBBLE”); but the prevailing “MAINSTREAMplatform is devoted to denigrating every aspect of it.  Either they’re telling you how worthless PMs are; how you’ll get ripped off buying them; or how cumbersome and dangerous the process is; all the while, spewing endless “CONFISCATION PROPAGANDA.”

As it turns out, NOTHING in the financial spectrum is easier to understand than Precious Metals; and arguably, to transact.  Miles Franklin has been buying, selling, and storing Precious Metals for more than two decades; and to date, has NEVER had a registered client complaint.  For that matter, we have NEVER lost a client’s incoming or outgoing package; nor a check, wire, or money order.

In a sea of lies, mistruths, and innuendo – amidst an otherwise commodity business – we aim to differentiate via superior customer service and education; and in recent years, our innovative storage program at Brink’s Montreal.  Regarding the former, our brokers have an average of 18 years of industry experience; and regarding education, David Schectman started the Miles Franklin Newsletter in the 1990s.  Back in those prehistoric days, the internet was just being born; and thus, most such communications were made via snail mail.  Conversely, we now email two FREE daily e-newsletters – David in the morning, and myself in the afternoon; whilst Bill Holter publishes each day as a dedicated Associate Writer.

Equally important, we’re accessible to answer your questions whenever you need us; all the way up to the office of our President, Andy Schectman; who started the firm with his dad in 1990.  In fact, my title of Marketing Director could just as easily be recast as Communications Liaison; as in reality, my job description relates to ANSWERING QUESTIONS.

Podcasts, Webinars, conferences, and the newsletters are my chief tools for MASS communication.  However, I am free to chat at your convenience; either via phone – at 720-350-4130; email at [email protected]; or Skype.  No question is too silly; so whether you seek information on bullion fundamentals, financial markets in general, or the PM buying and/or selling process, “TALK TO US – THAT’S WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR!”