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Andy Schectman sent me the following YouTube link and told me I must see it.  I did, and he is right.  This is not to be missed.  If you go no further in today’s daily, you must watch the following video:

Video on the Tax-the-Rich Mentality

We now have abbreviations posted on our blog.  Go to the following link and check it out.  You may wish to print it out, so you will have all of the abbreviations you read in this daily, and others.  Keep in mind that it will be updated periodically.  Here is the link:

Miles Franklin List of Abbreviations

Target for gold in 2012 – $1,700 to $2,100.  Odds are that the bottom is in in gold.  Debt is the “basis of gold,” and the debt spiral is out of control in Europe and America.  How can the euro hold 130 without a massive creation of new euro, a form of QE3.  QE will start first in Europe and next, America.  $1,650 and $1,764 are (Sinclair’s) the next targets.

Silver, like gold, having retraced all of last week’s losses, logged a record-breaking move on Tuesday. The jump of 6.6% is the largest since 11/24/08, over three years ago.

In case you missed it yesterday, a few words from Ranting Andy Hoffman:

Dilution, American Style