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This past Sunday was the 31st anniversary of “The reform act of 1986” in which our 2 party system came together to help reduce the tax burdens piled on by previous governance.  It was the second tax relief and was most helpful in releasing more of the burden across the entire nation and at all levels of income. What it did in the layman’s term was reduce the number of days of paying tax. We are now at 113 days out of 365, before we enter the tax freedom days. This is the heaviest yoke on our nations people ever recorded!  https://taxfoundation.org/tax-freedom-day-2017/

The burden on the American public is truly oppressive and since we are getting closer to the next midterm election period, the questions of “why did you vote against my tax reduction and why should I vote for you now since you lied back then?” will be ringing loud and clear in the town halls and community centers everywhere USA. This is going to be fun to watch!

Back in the 1980’s, interest rates were coming down putting even more money back into the public’s hands and the economic boom for the country was finally heading upward. Less money was going into the government’s coffers and more was being spent by the public generating supply and demand increases thus greasing the wheels of our economy.  But this time, it’s different.

Yes the tax burden is far heavier than in previous times but the interest rates are at 1%, not the 18+% as in 1980.  Government malfeasance is one of the causes, pure and simple, (and yes  … again) but the economic side of things may need something more to fire up the financial furnace in order to heat up the economy.  If Trump is able to reduce the tax days by half would it be enough and if not what else could be done? Are there other cuts going on within all things government that may not be told that will help as well? Since we live in some sort of “no worthy news bubble” it is hard to tell what the heck the real reality is.

What may need to be done besides reducing the tax burden is not known at present but one thing for sure, our currency has to come down in value and hard! With that, hyperinflation in all things in order to survive, will rise as well as the precious metals.  A currency event will affect everything and in short order. This may not happen tomorrow or the next week or month, but a correction in credit (and in currency) is coming.

Interest rates have been held artificially low for a very long time. Now there needs to be some form of equilibrium brought back so the prices that have been held up (or down) because of this artificial economic stimulus, can find proper equilibrium within the arena of the trading floor.  I for one am very curious how this will look and what it will do for my risk positions. One thing for sure though, is my precious metal holdings outside this arena are secure and within my own control and no one else’s.

With the precious metal holdings, one can escape the futures volatility and the risk within this third party system. At present the bank holds most people’s funds for them, but for the banks benefit not the investors. The present game is called “deception”, and with the metals in hand one has far less to worry about.

We have a change coming. How deep, how broad, duration of time, and who it will affect, are the questions spinning in my head, but I’m not too worried personally. After all, the idea of holding physical Silver and Gold during times of duress has always been the constant.

The end of every currency experiment in the past has always lead to the highest prices ever in Silver and Gold. We have history as our guide since the creation/finding/rediscovering of the number zero (0) was made. Without this number, there was no bank, no investment, and no leverage. Could something as life altering as this discovered number be in our future?

We’ll find out in time, but for now, interest rates, currency, silver, and gold, are in play. This time though those that want to stay in politics have some very pissed off people to face and a whole slew of new faces to compete against that do not have the history of lies to hide.

It cannot end the way it did in the 80’s because interest rates are the reverse of what they were then. Imo, these 113 days of working in order for this government to stay afloat is ending soon. Both elected parties see their future, some will retire, others will be forced out, some will try to survive, but there has to be a change and both parties will have to work together with Trump or lose more voters if the pull of the yoke is increased. So keep on piling on the metals, and as always …

Stay Strong!!

J. Johnson