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There are so many terrible things to write about; particularly in my role of ALERTING you of the world’s hidden dangers.  That said, life is a beautiful thing; and no matter how difficult it may seem, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I have by no means lived the life of a “rock star.”  However, I have no regrets, and feel blessed for the wonderful adventures I have experienced.  For example, in “THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE,” I wrote of recently reaching my ten-year anniversary with Diana; and in “GISELLE,” of my beautiful pup.

In the past year, I’ve saluted “SOLDIERS” – such as my good friend Kyle, whom I met through this blog; the global Olympians, in “ALL THAT’S GOOD”; performance artists, in “WIDE WORLD OF MANKIND”; and special people I’ve met here, such as World Billiards Champion “JOHN SCHMIDT” – a.k.a. “Mr. 400”; and Leslie Manookian, whom left Wall Street to pursue her passion of exposing the vaccine industry via the award-winning documentary “THE GREATER GOOD.”

I am also thankful for my social passions, like soccer, skiing, golf, and bike riding; and equally passionately, my WORK – since DAY 1 of my first internship in 1989.  Despite my relentless “whistle-blowing,” I truly loved my Wall Street career; and irrespective of the pounding my companies’ stocks took, serving as a mining company investor relations officer and consultant.

However, of all the exciting things I have done throughout my career, none can approach the joy I experience spreading TRUTH as Miles Franklin’s Marketing Director.  I am truly blessed to have met people as intelligent, dedicated, and kind-hearted as Andy and David Schectman; each of whom share my desire to PROTECT clients, above all else.

The rest of our team is no different; and thus, I am confident we will play a MAJOR role in helping people through the coming tough times of 2013 and beyond.  This is why I enjoy the “SLEEP OF THE JUST”; and why many of our clients do as well.

Thus, as you enjoy your holiday reunions – or simply, hard-earned R&R – DO NOT forget to be thankful for life’s many, multi-faceted splendors.



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