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Following last month’s “ALTERNATIVE CURRENCIES DESTRUCTION,” I am more confident than ever that the END of the Cartel’s ability to “price” PMs in the fraudulent PAPER market will arrive shortly; potentially, much sooner than most can imagine…

Sinclair – This is the Beginning of the End for the Gold Shorts

Until that time occurs – whether via BANG or WHIMPER – I will remain a pre-eminent voice in the fight to expose day-to-day machinations of the WORLD-DESTROYING gold Cartel.  Long-time readers know I have not only spoken of the 3:00 AM EST “KEY ATTACK TIME” for years; but in fact, “discovered” it nearly a decade ago.

As discussed in last month’s “CHINESE OVERNIGHT TRADING – COMING SOON, TO THE CARTEL’S CHAGRIN!,” the Cartel for years attacked PAPER PM markets at 3:00 AM EST; i.e., the close of Chinese trading.  As the London “pre-market” session runs from 2:15 AM EST to 4:00 AM EST, such raids would occur right in the middle of this thinly-traded period.

However, since “DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD” achieved an ALL-TIME HIGH in September 2011, TPTB have been significantly more aggressive in their PAPER suppressions.  Consequently, they no longer wait until 3:00 AM; but instead, put out their limitless naked shorts at EXACTLY “THE 2:15 A.M.” open of the London “pre-market.”

This year’s attacks top anything we’ve seen to date – in terms of frequency, intensity, and blatancy; which should tell you just how desperate they have become…

Former US Treasury Official – Fed Desperate to stop Collapse

…and NOWHERE – outside of 10:00 AM EST’s “KEY ATTACK TIME #1”…


…has this been more obvious than 2:15 AM EST; coincidentally, starting just days after the U.S. Mint suspended sales of Silver Eagles in mid-January…

US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales

Below is a data compilation from the ensuing 64 trading days, ending April 24th.  Essentially, I measured the movement of PAPER PM prices between the 2:15 AM EST open of the London “pre-market” session and the 8:20 AM EST New York COMEX open.  The choice of 8:20 AM EST as the endpoint was arbitrary; but had I picked 5:00, 6:00, or 7:00 instead, the results would have been similar.

As you can see, gold prices increased on just 22% of the 64 days; and when they did, by just 0.3%, on average.  Prices were unchanged 17% of the time, while a whopping 61% of the time they were lower, by an average of 0.5%.  In other words, heavily skewed to the downside – in both frequency and scope


Actually, if you just look at the past month; starting when gold hit its recent high of $1,615/oz, the numbers are even more skewed.  In other words, Cartel FEAR surged to record highs as GLOBAL economies started to melt down anew; ultimately, culminating in the most intense PM smash since January 1980…


Remember, the purpose of my exhaustive descriptions of Cartel activity is to empower you with the knowledge of the difference between fake PAPER and real PHYSICAL markets.   The more you are armed with this knowledge, the easier it will be for you to make CORRECT decisions in preparing for what’s coming; and thus, protecting your assets from HYPERINFLATION…


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