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I recently interviewed a 5 billion dollar precious metals dealer.

If you want to know whats going on in the gold and silver market, you probably can’t get much better than talking to this guy.

His name is Andrew Schectman.

He is the founder of what is probably the world’s best precious metals dealer otherwise known as Miles Franklin.

In this short interview, we didn’t so much talk about whats going on in the market today (Ok I made him give one awesome 2018 gold investing tip at the end).

Instead we talked about how to spot a great gold and silver dealer if you happen to be just starting out with precious metals investing.

We also talked about why MINNESOTA is probably the best place in the world to buy your gold and silver from.

Finally, Schectman gives you his number one gold investing tip for 2018. Let’s just say you’re probably going to want to make a new purchase or two after you hear his tip.

Please CLICK HERE to listen