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We are traveling back to Miami on Tuesday.  I will resume writing the Daily from Miami on Wednesday.

Doesn’t it almost “feel” like something “big” is about to happen?  Is it just me, or do you get that feeling too?  There are so many areas that must be controlled:  The Dow, interest rates, the Euro, Greek debt, Iran/Israel, the price of gold and silver, the unemployment numbers and more… and all of this happening in a Presidential election year.  I know that TPTB are really good at what they do, but this just might be more than even they can handle.

I know that Jim Sinclair believes the big “unraveling” of the dollar and the peaking of gold won’t occur for around 40 months, but there are lots of land mines out there that could bring the timing forward.  Are you comfortable that you have enough of your wealth set aside in physical gold and silver and some quality mining shares?  The shares have underperformed the physicals for a while now but that “could” change.  I am keeping around 10% of my precious metals portfolio in a couple of mining shares.  They are the frosting on the cake.

Also, check out the following article from Goldstockbull.com:

US Monetary Base Hits New Record of $2.8 Trillion
By Jason Hamlin, on February 27th, 2012