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Two events of note took place over the weekend.  Daylight Savings Time ended and I celebrated my 70th birthday.  Also, silver once again moved above $34 and gold moved above $1,700.  $1,764 and $38 are the numbers that are important and we are slowly moving back toward the “real” battle lines.

How long will it take before gold is knocking on the door at $1,800 and silver at $40?  Maybe the answer will be with us before April Fools Day.

The first two articles in today’s daily deal with the Greek “Default.”  Is it or is it not a “Default”?  The consequences to this question are severe – but to who?

Last week we booked an order for $5,000,000 in silver.  That’s right, one order for $5M!  It wasn’t so long ago that an order for $100,000 was uncommon, but now orders for over a million are not unusual at all.  What does this mean?  To me, it is THE indicator that big money, serious “money,” is finally starting to move out of the dollar and into the safety of gold and silver.  If a single billionaire decided to invest just 15% of his net worth in gold or silver, But what if two-dozen billionaires decided all at once to seriously move into precious metals?  They had best be very patient and all I can say about the affect on the price is WOW!!!

I suspect that a large number of Asian billionaires are already quietly acquiring gold and silver and being very savvy about investing, they are low-key about it and they definitely buy the “dips.”  That’s why the prices bounce back so rapidly every time the Cartel takes the metals down – on COMEX.  Avoid paper gold and silver and only go for the real stuff!

In closing, I’ll make a simple statement – It’s coming.  The hundred thousand dollar orders have grown into million dollar orders – and even five million.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that there are only a handful of mints (US, Canadian, Austrian, South African, and Australian) that are tasked with providing gold and silver for a world full of hungry investors.  Do expect delays and much higher prices in the future – as in the next couple of years.