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My skepticism grows by the hour; so when I’m in “writing mode,” it’s difficult to ignore my negativity.  However, it is equally important to discuss the good things in life; particularly, those that inspire me to embrace mankind’s goodness.  Thus, I purposely searched for a positive topic to discuss today – and the search took but a nanosecond; or utilizing the new HFT lingo, a “pico-second.”

That topic – of course – is my wife Diana; with whom I’ll be celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary this weekend.  Diana and I met through a mutual friend in Montauk, Long Island (just East of the Hamptons) – where I had a share house from 1994 through 2002.  Montauk was always my “PEACE OF THE ROCK”; but until we met in early 2001, I was still “finding myself” in a complex and uncertain world.

A ballet dancer by trade – she attended Juilliard and afterwards danced professionally – Diana quickly realized dance was not an easy way to earn a living, especially after a serious knee injury.  Thus, she courageously worked her way through law school – as a part-time paralegal; and subsequently, spent ten years as a real estate attorney at one of Long Island’s top Law firms.  When we met, we hit it off right away; finally “agreeing” to date on September 9th, 2011 – the last day of her first summer in Montauk.  Two days later was September 11th – which immediately cemented our relationship, as she spent the entire day trying to get hold of me.  As long-time readers know, my office was located ten blocks away; and essentially all cell phone transmissions were down most of the day.

We were married November 10th, 2002, and moved to Denver in May 2007.  Our careers have since changed dramatically – mine from Wall Street analyst to mainstream whistleblower, and hers from attorney to ballet teacher; but fortunately, we’re both the same people.  She has been my friend and partner through the past decade; unflinchingly standing by my side; and agreeing to give up a far better paying position for my dream of a better life in Colorado.  The 2008 financial collapse was very hard on me, but she was my ROCK through it all; and fortunately, I landed on my feet – and then some.

Me, Diana, and our pup “GISELLE” are very happy; and I wish such happiness – and luck – on all.


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