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As they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”; and as the END GAME of fiat currency collapse approaches, the DEATH THROES of a dying system are becoming uncomfortably spasmodic.  I cannot claim to have “envisioned” how things would play out; however, the reason I sold all “PAPER PM Investments” two years ago – in lieu of PHYSICAL gold and silver – was the “writing on the wall” regarding TPTB’s intentions to “fight to the death.”  After watching the aftermath of the Cartel’s post “D-DAY” tactics in November 2010 – when silver first approached the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $30/oz – it became crystal clear that the time for speculation was over; and in its place, “FINANCIAL DEFENSE”…

$CDNX Graph

I believe my message of PROTECTION has been extremely well-received; as demand for my presence on podcasts, radio shows, and webinars has never been higher.  Moreover, the Miles Franklin newsletter readership has doubled in the past 18 months; as clearly, readers seek TRUTH from David Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself.

However, the past two months has seen an “UNPRECEDENTED” level of government price suppression; and consequently, a number of feathers have been ruffled – including those of yours truly.  For owners of “PAPER PM Investments” – which I have railed against for years – such emotions portray fear; as fortunes are literally being wiped out.  Conversely, PHYSICAL PM holders are simply angry and frustrated by the government’s covert – but blatant – suppression tactics – amidst the very events we have long waited for.  Historic economic collapse, money printing, and political tension should have translated to exploding PM prices; but instead, government algorithms in fraudulent PAPER markets have caused the opposite – surging PHYSICAL demand notwithstanding…


The past week has been particularly demoralizing; and as such, a handful of people have (indirectly) intimated my writings are not empowering, but scaring them away.  To that, I say POPPYCOCK!  The reason Miles Franklin’s newsletters are so popular is that David, Bill, and I tell the TRUTH of what’s going on; NOT what people “want” to hear.  We all do so with a different style; but at day’s end, the content is identical.

In my case, not only am I known for passion and animation; but as Marketing Director, I am the de facto “face of the firm”; thus, making a considerable amount of public appearances.  Hence, when people demonstrate emotions about Precious Metals, they tend to wind up at my desk.  I could count the negative feedbacks I’ve received this month on one hand; but to those people – and ANYONE worried about the impact of manipulation – I address this to you directly.

Some may say my relentless coverage of government manipulation disheartens those holding PMs (if you own “PAPER PM Investments,” that is my intention).  However, for those holding PHYSICAL gold and silver, my aim is the polar opposite; that is, to empower you to understand the PAPER price on your screen is FRAUDULENT – particularly amidst an environment of surging PHYSICAL demand.  As I work for one of the nation’s largest bullion dealers, I can say confidently that my writings have not caused anyone to sell PHYSICAL metal; as for the past 24 years, roughly 99% of our business is client buying – versus 1% selling.  That ratio has not changed one iota through this past month’s Cartel attacks; and will NEVER change as long as we’re in business.

Those that buy PHYSICAL PMs are already sold on their merits; and thus, have the same “strong hands” as David Schectman, Andy Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself – ALL of whom hold most, or all of their personal net worth’s in the metals.  As for those “on the fence” about buying; I ASSURE you my writings are not going to dissuade them.  The decision to PROTECT one’s portfolio with PHYSICAL PMs is an extreme mental hurdle to overcome; as we have been brainwashed for four decades that dollars are “money” and gold a “barbarous relic.”  For the “precious few” clever, brave, and free-thinking enough to bridge that mental gap – and join the “underworld” of REAL MONEY; commentary like mine will help you get there – not mainstream claptrap discussing traditional investment metrics and regurgitating PROPAGANDA.

Moreover, those who truly read my articles – or listen to Ranting Andy podcasts – realize manipulation is just a part of what I speak about.  Frankly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single “shadow world” blogger disseminating the same quality and quantity of material; from daily price movements to “BIG PICTURE” trends.  I pride myself in factoring ALL aspects of the global financial scene into my analysis; as well as healthy doses of history, culture, and activism.  And right now, ALL such topics point to an upcoming END GAME of fiat currency collapse, surging interest rates, unshackled PMs, relentless inflation, draconian government, and expanding unrest.

“Government subsidized” PM prices have enabled “first responders” to load up at historically undervalued prices (relative to the GARGANTUAN amount of PRINTED MONEY); and thus, to properly prepare for what’s coming.  In my case, PM suppression has enabled me to “remake” myself several times; from a Wall Street analyst, to a mining industry investor relations officer, to the “top of the totem pole” – an unabashed advocate for PHYSICAL PM ownership.

Occasionally, someone will say; typically, to be provocative – that David, Bill, and I – as well as Miles Franklin’s President, Andy Schectman – are biased in our views; and thus, conflicted by our positions as precious metal salesmen.  Well duh, of course we are “talking our book”; however, we have no more influence over PM prices than anyone else – and moreover, we back up our views by having skin in the game.  And I do mean skin; as aside from my home and a wee bit of cash, my ENTIRE net worth is held in PHYSICAL gold and silver.  Furthermore, I have been a significant buyer throughout 2013 – utilizing each dip to add to my savings of bullion coins.

To sum up, PM manipulation is just a short-term phenomenon within the BIG PICTURE of systemic, fiat currency collapse; which albeit frustrating, is no different than the 600 previous, FAILED attempts by power-hungry politicians to supplant economic LAW with unbacked currency.

Research States ALL Paper Money Systems Failed

Now that economic activity is dying and inflation surging – whilst GLOBAL debts rise parabolically – said END GAME is clearly within sight.  The harder TPTB fight the tide, the quicker – and more spectacularly – their “House of Cards” will fall.