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It’s getting clearer by the day; the sitting powers are not going to let any of the key “numbers” get ugly before the election and they are not going to let gold and silver make a move either.  It goes without saying that they will support the dollar as well and watch – the price of gas will suddenly come tumbling down.  This is an exercise like holding your breath while underwater.  No matter how hard you try, sooner or later you have to come up for air.  My best guess is the metals will break free by December 1st or thereabout.

Take a look at the performance of gold from midnight until 8 a.m. in New York (the first four sections on the left side of the graph).  This is “Groundhog Day” all over again (the Bill Murray movie).  This is the manipulation – either by the mega hedge funds and/or the bullion banks – that Andy Hoffman and I write about.  This is visual proof of the manipulation to halt the move of gold.  The silver chart looks similar too.  Free markets my arse!  But they have been doing this for years and years and still gold has risen by six-fold!  They can win a battle here and there, but they cannot win the war!

I have received several emails asking me if I watched the movie, 2016: Obama’s America yet.  Actually, Susan and I watched it on Tuesday night.  I think it is very interesting and informative.  I recommend it to all of our readers and suggest you approach it with an open mind.  It will give you lots of things to think about.  The conclusions you draw are up to you.  It is a scary thought to think of any person who is bent on changing the system to be given a free run for four years.  When an incumbent President has a second term, he can do whatever he wishes without concern of the consequences.  He is not worried whether his policies will be unpopular in the next election, because for him, there will be no next election.

Unquestionably, there will be major changes, but will they be for the better or the worse?  Most of you already have an opinion on that, as do I.

I would like to re-state – neither candidate will leave the economy or the currency in better shape in 2016 than it is now.  I expect the next four years to be the most challenging yet, even more so than 2008-09.

I took a little heat from several readers for jumping into a political discussion.  One even politely suggested that I stick to what I know best and leave the discussion of politics to others.  Well, I’m glad that he at least feels I know about something.  Passions are running high in this campaign, the highest I can ever remember.  There will be no winners here.  The only question is how big we will lose and that will be determined by who is anointed the next President.

I expect the loser will end up being the winner.  I figure that the party that takes power next month will be so universally unpopular by 2016 that they will be cast aside for decades!

Be sure and watch the debate next Monday.  Jot down all of the promises being made by the candidates.  None of them will be fulfilled!  That’s politics, my friends; that’s just the way it is.  Promise whatever it takes to get elected and then bow down to the wishes of the big-money lobbies that put you into office.  The voters have a way of forgetting.  If Obama were judged on how many of his pre-election promises were fulfilled, he would not have any chance of winning.  He even said, if he couldn’t bring down unemployment and fix the economy after his first three years he didn’t deserve to be given a second term.

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Even that statement won’t stand in the way.  Voters have “selective” memory.  I don’t have very many friends who voted for Obama in the last election, but I bet every single one of them will vote for him again.  People won’t abandon their views.  All of the fuss is focused on “the undecided,” those who haven’t already made up their mind.  That is where the battle is being waged.

Jim Sinclair’s view can be summed up with the following statement:  “People deciding who to vote for based on who is the best BS’er is sad.”