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My issues with mining stocks go back to 2007, when the TSX-Venture (i.e. Vancouver) stock exchange peaked at 3,300, falling to 700 in late 2008 and sitting today around 1,300.  Since then, there has been no better way to DESTROY capital; counter-intuitive to what common sense would dictate.  Then again, as I have noted countless times before, the Cartel dramatically stepped up its NAKED SHORTING of “PAPER PM Investments” in recent years; particularly since November 9th, 2010 – on what I long ago dubbed “D-DAY.”

That was the first time I saw genuine fear in the “Cartel’s eyes”; forcing them to announce the first-ever intraday silver margin increase to quell a MASSIVE price surge.  From that day on, it was the “beginning of the end” for most mining shares; even as PHYSICAL gold and silver took off.  Even Rick Rule of Sprott Global Resources knows it; stating this week his expectation of a vast array of mining bankruptcies…

Central Planners Greatest Fear, Possible Surprises & Gold

…per the following quote…

One of the things I notice is there is no cash being made available under any terms to a lot of the weak companies. This continues to support the thesis that this market purge will be real, and many of the weaker companies will be delisted.

…and it doesn’t help when geopolitical risks are rising by the hour

AngloGold, Gold Fields To Fire 20,000 South African Miners Striking For Better Pay

I have long stated my belief that select, quality shares will have a brief “day in the sun;” between the time the Cartel is BROKEN and draconian government decrees take hold – such as nationalizations and prohibitive windfall profit taxes.  I may or may not be wrong – but have ZERO intention of taking such risks when I KNOW PHYSICAL gold and silver will both maintain their purchasing power and outperform 99% of ALL investments; at ZERO operational or counterparty risk.  Only you can determine how much risk you desire; however, my mantra as “RANTING ANDY” – and job as Marketing Director of “MILES FRANKLIN, PROTECTION PROVIDER” – is to shield you from as much risk as possible.

Aside from the aforementioned risks – and countless others – I gave up on mining shares because they allowed themselves to become “THE CARTEL’S BIGGEST VICTIM.”  What I am referring to is the billions of lost revenues – and dramatically diluted capital structures – caused by suppression of miners’ end product price and share values.  The aforementioned mining strikes are additional ramifications of the mining industry’s dearth of capital – even after an historic 12-year bull market; and yet, mining executives make not a peep about the DESTRUCTION of their constituents.

Moreover, the industry’s largest companies still fund “Cartel mouthpieces” like the World Gold Council; in my view, gold’s equivalent to the silver industry’s “official statistician” – Jeff Christian’s CPM Group.  In my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL,” I have found these organizations to be violently anti-Precious Metals yet, people still listen to the DRIVEL they publish.  And mining executives of the WORLD’S LARGEST MINING COMPANIES continue to fund their operations; in my view, HIGH TREASON to shareholders.

I could write tomes on the horrors I witnessed as a mining company owner, officer, and consultant from 2007-2011; in essence, negating ALL the positives of 2002-2006.  And per Rick Rule’s comments, it will only get worse for the vast majority of mining companies – as GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON worsens in the coming years.

Now that I have escaped the “siren song” of mining shares, I sleep like a baby.  As for others, only you can determine your personal comfort level.  Do your due diligence; but above all, make sure you don’t become “THE CARTEL’S BIGGEST VICTIM.”


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